Born on 21 October 1980, Shweta Jha is presently working as a news anchor and editor with Good News Today. With her birth year as 1980, Shweta’s age is 41 years (as of 2022). She lives with her husband and son in Noida, Delhi.

Shweta Jha Biography

Born in 1980, Shweta Jha is now working as an Editor and a news reporter with TV Today. While she gradually pursued her career, she has always been the most beautiful and successful news anchor.

Owing to her personality, she is quite capable of presenting the news well. If you skim through some videos on YouTube, you will be able to check out the confidence and style with which Shweta Jha speaks.

Personal Details

NameShweta Jha
ProfessionNews Reporter
Date of Birth21st October, 1980
Age41 years
ParentsMother – Mala Jha
Father – Binoy Jha
SiblingsSisters – Shalini and Supriya Jha
Zodiac SignLibra
Personal Details of Shweta Jha

Shweta Jha Height, Weight, and Physical Stats

Even when Shweta is having an enjoyable time with her friends, she always carries herself with grace and elegance. But, when she has to deliver news at several instances, she dresses up in formal clothes. With her height equal to 5 feet 4 inches, she appears thin due to her weight of as much as 55 kg.

Regardless of the phase in her life, Shweta exudes professionalism while working as a news reporter during the day. She also looks gorgeous with a round face and her hair falling freely below her shoulders. As for the overall measurements of her figure, it is 34-22-34.

Shweta Jha Family

Shweta Jha Family
Source Instagram

Shweta was born on 21 October 1980 in Jamshedpur, Uttarakhand. Since childhood, she has always respected her father’s profession, so she decided to pursue her higher education in English Literature. While her mother, Mala Jha, used to take care of the house, her father, Binoy Jha, was a professor at Jamshedpur Women’s College.

As Shweta was brought up with Hindu traditions, she grew up with her sisters, Supriya and Shalini Jha. Regarding her education, Shweta completed her early education at DAV Public School. A bit later, she pursued her graduation in English from Jamshedpur Women’s College. But, even when she knew nothing about Mass Communication, she was passionate about being a news anchor.

Shweta Jha Salary, Net Worth

According to different sources, we have not found anything regarding Shweta’s income. However, the net worth of the news reporter is estimated to be $2 million or INR 16 crore. You will observe a difference in Shweta’s salary as she paces ahead in her career.

Shweta Jha Married Life

Shweta already married Ajay Jha on 12 May 2013. While everyone showered their blessings on that special occasion, the wedding ceremony was as per Hindu families’ rituals. After a few years, Shweta is now nurturing her son, Aarav Jha. The entire family has now settled in Noida, Delhi.

Shweta Jha Career

Soon after getting a Bachelor’s Degree, Shweta joined Sahara Samay as an assistant producer. The news anchor started her career way back in 2004. After working with Sahara Samay for three years, Shweta joined India TV as a Sr. Producer. She worked with this news channel from Dec 2007 to Dec 2013.

A bit later, she quit India TV and started working with Aaj Tak as an Associate Executive Producer and Anchor. As soon as she resigned from India Today in 2022, she became an Editor with TV Today. Besides news reporting, Shweta is also actively involved with many programs.

You will also see her videos online, some of which have been showcased under ‘Best Videos’ present on YouTube. As far as the shows or programs are concerned, Shweta presents herself for ‘Shatak Aaj Tak’ and ‘Sau Shahar Sau Khabar.’

But, even after gaining popularity among the viewers, we have not observed any controversies around Shweta Jha. With everything considered, Shweta Jha has been working in the journalism industry for the past 16 years.

Hobbies and Interests

During her leisure time, Shweta likes to read books on different genres. She loves visiting different destinations if she has taken a few days off from her busy schedule. This fact is evident in her social media posts and the photos she had visited the Mahakaleshwar temple with her family. Moreover, she loves cooking various cuisines when she has ample time to spend at home. She also likes to take snaps when dressed in casual and traditional apparel.

Favorite Things

Since Shweta likes to watch movies, she appreciates the style through which Amitabh Bachchan acts. Among the news anchors based in India, she likes the way in which Sudheer Chaudhary presents himself. Sudheer is now working as the CEO of Zee News.

In addition to vegetarian food, the news reporter likes eating Idli Sambar and Maggi. Apart from everything else, Shweta likes the colors green and blue. She also loves to be with nature whenever she spends her holidays at hill stations. 

Favorite ActorAmitabh Bachchan
Favorite ActressNot known
Favorite ColoursGreen and Blue
Favorite FoodMaggi and Idli Sambar
Favorite Things of Shweta Jha

Shweta Jha Social Media Profiles

Despite being tied up with a hectic schedule, Shweta never misses a chance to update her social media profiles. Hence, you can read ahead to know more about her social media profiles.


When you come across Shweta Jha’s Facebook profile page, you will observe posts on the latest news in India. Some of her posts will also direct you to videos regarding religious places.

Additionally, you can check out some of her videos by the name ‘Shweta Dil Se.’ Through such videos, she speaks about how a person should move ahead through a lean phase in life. On the other hand, you will come across many videos regarding ‘Chai Pe Charcha.’ However, some videos on Facebook speak about what’s happening in society and different communities. Subsequently, she also updates her followers with the ‘Good News Today’ videos. To date, Shweta has more than 100k followers, with 12 individuals following her profile page.


On Instagram, Shweta regularly posts videos and snaps wearing casual clothes, and she also posts videos whenever she is out for parties or informal events. As you scroll through her Instagram posts, you will notice a post in which she has received an award for her presentation skills.

While the news anchor maintains a fine work-life balance, she also posts regarding moments that she shares with her parents. Apart from posting snaps of herself, Shweta posts about special occasions and as and when she has an informal chat with famous celebrities. Presently, the news reporter has more than 200k followers and 190 individuals following her Instagram account.


As you skim through the Twitter profile page, you can check out many photos of when Shweta is traveling. Besides, the news reporter also shares posts to convey her perceptions of life. A few of her posts will also be on the latest news she delivers through Good News Today.

With the rainy season across different states of India, Shweta also posts videos about the current situation due to the rains. But, just as you observe on Facebook, the TV news anchor doesn’t forget to post the news through the show, ‘Subh Mangal Savdhan.’ At present, the Twitter account has more than 90K followers and around 20 individuals following the account.


If you want a snapshot of Shweta’s background and education, you must visit her LinkedIn profile. While the news reporter is not much active on LinkedIn, she often loves watching videos of Jay Shetty.

Such videos inspire her to overcome the challenges in life and perceive things from a different angle. Under the ‘Posts’ section, Shweta often posts about her views and motivates others to move ahead with boldness. Most of the time, you will also observe posts when she takes candid photos.

NOTE: We have not come across any particular channel on YouTube. However, you will find many videos when Shweta is with her friends or family members. There is also a channel, ‘Best Videos,’ which showcases some of the videos of Shweta Jha. Once you go through the videos, you will understand the style through which Shweta delivers or presents the news. 

Lifestyle of Shweta Jha

As the news anchor earns pretty well, it’s obvious that Shweta leads a luxurious lifestyle. Besides many assets, she owns a few cars. If you come across the news reporter on the street, she will be seated in either BMW 520D or MG Gloster. Nowadays, she ensures a fine balance between her professional and personal life.

Even though she has a busy routine, she never forgets to take care of her son, Aarav Jha. But, at the same time, she shares a different bond with her husband. Whenever Shweta doesn’t have any tasks, she visits the gym to do some exercises. The news reporter also practices yoga to stay at peace and rejuvenate her mind.

Facts Regarding Shweta Jha

  • Shweta always drew inspiration from her father and thought about pursuing her higher education in English Literature.
  • When the news anchor was a teenager, she aspired to become a TV anchor. Hence, she shifted to Delhi for her career in the journalism industry.
  • While Shweta moves on with her life, she likes to grow spiritually. So, the news anchor often visits temples and destinations known for their religious significance.
  • Shweta is very conscious about her health, so she always visits the gym for workouts. Moreover, she always follows a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Unlike other news anchors, Shweta doesn’t have a degree in Mass Communication. Before embarking on a career in journalism, she completed her graduation in English Literature.
  • Even when Shweta is quite busy during the day, she keeps tweeting on Twitter. While she is active on the social media platform, she tweets after every two hours.
  • In addition to her physical strength, Shweta also tries to maintain her mental strength. She always practices yoga and many exercises to attain peace.
  • This news anchor has won many awards for her presentation and oratory skills.
  • Currently, Shweta resides in Noida, Delhi, and has been working in the journalism industry for more than ten years.
  • Whenever the news anchor takes a break from her busy schedule, she loves visiting the most popular destinations.
  • Soon after graduating in English, Shweta started her career in 2004. During that year, she started working as an Assistant Producer with Sahara Samay. But, as the news anchor holds years of experience, she is now working as an Editor with TV Today.
  • As Shweta paced ahead in her career, she learned a lot of things along the way. These things later helped to groom her personality and develop her expertise in her professional life.
  • Apart from delivering the news day after day, you will come across a Facebook Live video of Shweta. Through this live video, Shweta takes the viewers through the functioning of EVM machines.
  • Even after a busy schedule, the news anchor doesn’t forget to spend some time with her family and husband.
  • While the news reporter spends plenty of time with her friends, she never indulges in bad habits.
  • Being a travel enthusiast, Shweta loves to visit hill stations and refresh herself with the tranquil atmosphere.