Born on 23rd March, Sneha Mordani presently works as a Deputy Editor for India TV Today Network. She has also worked with many news channels like NewsX, Times Network, and Network 18.

Personal Details

Full NameSneha Mordani
Profession / OccupationDeputy Editor
Age (as of 2022)Can’t be determined
Date of Birth23rd May
Mother TongueHindi
Zodiac SignGemini
Birth PlaceNorth India
Current AddressNew Delhi
Personal Details of Sneha

Sneha Mordani Family and Education

Born and nurtured in a middle-class family, Sneha has always followed Hinduism since she was young. But, after considering the information across many websites, we cannot figure out more about her parents and siblings. We are also unaware of the occupation of her mother, siblings, and father.

As far as her education is concerned, Sneha completed her early education at a reputed school. Moreover, the lady graduated in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. Soon after attaining her Bachelor’s Degree, she pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in journalism from one of the nest colleges, IIJNM, in Bangalore.

SchoolA reputed school in Delhi
College Lady Shri Ram College
DegreeBachelor’s in Political Science, PG Diploma in Journalism
Mother’s NameCan’t be determined
Father’s NameCan’t be determined
SiblingsCan’t be determined
Relationship StatusMarried
Sneha Mordani Family and Education

Sneha Mordani Husband Name, Relationship

Sneha is leading a married life with a handsome man. However, we are unsure about the man’s occupation and whether she is nurturing children. She also stated through one of her social media posts that she got married to the man at a Guruswara.

Sneha Mordani’s Career

Post her education, Sneha joined as a news anchor for Network18 Media. But now, she has been working as a Deputy Editor with India Today Group since December 2020. Apart from this, Sneha has also documented many stories about social issues and health from different regions across India. However, even after earning recognition for her presentation skills, Sneha has not won any awards for her accomplishments.

Sneha Mordani Net worth and Salary

As Sneha progresses in her career, she has always led a luxurious lifestyle. Some estimates suggest that she has a net worth in 4 crore. Her salary is estimated to be INR 16 lacs/year.

Net Worth$ 0.5 million (estimated)
Net Worth in Indian RupeesINR 4 crore (estimated)
Sneha Mordani Net Worth and Salary

Hobbies of Sneha Mordani

In her spare time, Sneha likes to stay outdoors and likes to read. But, even after gathering information from the internet, we are not completely aware of her hobbies.

Social Media Profiles of Sneha Mordani

Unlike other news presenters, Sneha is not active on social media platforms. Even after searching online, we could not find more about her Instagram and Facebook Account. But, if you go through LinkedIn, you will come across her profile. On the contrary, Sneha always keeps tweeting on Twitter. So, let’s check her existing social media profiles.


Sneha Mordani LinkedIn Profile

When you observe Sneha’s profile on LinkedIn, you will only get an idea about her profession and educational background. However, it’s surprising that she has not posted anything on LinkedIn even when she has impeccable communication skills.

If you scroll through her profile, you will see ‘Loreto Convent School’ under the ‘Interests’ section. Presently, the profile has seven connections, and the news anchor has tried to present news through 

Sneha Mordani Twitter Profile

Soon after you start going through Sneha’s Twitter account, it is evident that the news anchor often tweets on social media. Apart from anything related to health, Sneha also tweets more about what’s happening in India. Presently, the profile on Twitter has 19.7K followers, with 2,811 individuals following.

Sneha Mordani Articles in Brief

Apart from videos on websites like YouTube and Facebook, Sneha has also started posting health-related articles. Presently, she has posted three articles on her profile on So, let’s check out the articles in brief.

  • In August 2022, Sneha covered an article regarding the accusations against Dolo manufacturers. The allegations state the manufacturers have spent Rs. 1000 crore on the medicine, Dolo 650, and had offered such kinds of medicines for free to doctors. However, the company didn’t accept this allegation and later stated that the company spent the money to meet the marketing costs over many years. Moreover, the manufacturers said that they didn’t spend a huge sum of money on a brand that had already achieved a sale of around Rs. 350 crores in 2021.
  • During this year, this Special Correspondent also published an article on a survey that was carried out in New Delhi. As per the survey, it was observed that many households were affected during the monsoon season. As compared to last year, the count of households has increased by 82%. This means that many individuals are likely to get infected due to COVID-19, with a significant increase in the number of cases. Moreover, apart from the infection, the cases of flu are also increasing day by day.
  • Earlier in August 2022, Sneha also covered a piece of news about the World Health Organization (WHO). While many individuals can get affected due to the monkeypox virus, the experts thought about naming the clades differently. The naming convention will later help to avoid offending social or ethnic groups. Besides, it will also mitigate the negative impact when people are more concerned about animal welfare, trade, and the tourism industry.

Sneha Mordani’s Online Broadcasts Or Videos In Brief

As you come across social media platforms like Facebook or the official YouTube Channel of ‘India Today, you will observe Sneha speaking about many health concerns. So, let’s go through what Sneha has presented through the videos.

  • On April 2022, Sneha spoke more about Health Star Ratings. While Mr. Amit Khurana, the Program Director of Sustainable Food Systems, joins the conversation, he takes everyone through what exactly an individual means by ‘Health Star Rating.’ Once the conversation progressed, Mr. Khurana also spoke more about why he is not in favor of implementing such a rating.
  • Soon after the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, Sneha Mordani presented a special report on mental health during the pandemic. As the number of COVID-19 cases kept on increasing, people were compelled to stay in their houses. Besides, people couldn’t step out of their houses due to many restrictions. Since children had to stay at home throughout the day, the situation has considerably affected their mental health. So, with this in mind, many doctors presented solutions to combat the fears and how people can stay calm.
  • As Sneha has always played a role of a health reporter, she often presents herself through Facebook Live. Once you go through Facebook, you will observe many live videos with the hashtag, ‘#HealthWithSneha.’ While Sneha has been discussing more health concerns with medical practitioners, she has already spoken about the hike in COVID-19 cases. During this year, Sneha has also spoken about how India is trying to eradicate Tuberculosis. With many medical specialists, the lady has also discussed how India is fortifying its position when many people across the country are coping with diabetes. Interestingly, you will also come across a video through which Sneha has spoken about the challenges parents face when kids spend most of their time with smartphones.

Facts Regarding Sneha Mordani

  • Whenever Sneha is not busy with work, she sets aside some time to relax and read the newspaper. Besides, she also has a flair for writing news related to health in simple language.
  • If you go through the internet for quite some time, you will see a photograph of Sneha with her subordinates. The post shows that Sneha has always been among the favorites at the CNNnews18 newsroom.
  • Even when Sneha is busy with routine, she always likes to be with a group of individuals when she has free time. This face is evident in one of her posts on Twitter.