Vishnu Som currently works with the news channel NDTV India. As Vishnu was born in July 1974, his present age is 48 years (as of 2022).

Vishnu Som Biography

Vishnu Som has always gained popularity as a news anchor for NDTV India. Moreover, Vishnu has also presented himself in many documentary series and hosted face-to-face interviews with eminent personalities. 

Vishnu Som Biography
Vishnu Som Biography
Full NameVishnu Som
Age48 years
Date of BirthJuly 1974
Mother TongueHindi
Zodiac SignCancer
Marital StatusMarried
CasteNot Known
Personal Details of Vishnu Som

Vishnu Som Physical Stats

While Vishnu is presenting the news, he always stands in front of a camera with a clean-shaven face. While his height is 1.73 m, his body weight equals 68 kg. Moreover, Vishnu always looks presentable, even with black and white hair.

Height in centimetres173 m
Height in meters1.73 m
Height in feet5 feet 7 inches
Weight68 kg
Weight in Pounds150 pounds
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack and White
Physical Stats of Vishnu Som

Vishnu Som Family and Education

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in July 1974, Vishnu was nurtured in a well-educated and well-cultured family. While his father, Himachal Som, was serving the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) as an officer, he also served as an ambassador to Italy. Moreover, Vishnu’s mother, Reba, works as a historian and a writer. Besides, Reba is also a classical singer hailing from India.

As far as Vishnu’s education is concerned, he completed his studies till the 10th standard while attending St. Paul’s School in Darjeeling. A bit later, he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from a reputed college in 1994. While pursuing his graduation, he thought about taking Political Science and History as the subject of specialization. As time passed, Vishnu also completed his Master’s Degree in Communication & Media Studies from Carleton University based in Canada.

Vishnu Mother’s NameReba Som
Vishnu Father’s NameHimachal Som
Vishnu SiblingsNot known
BirthplaceCopenhagen, Denmark
SchoolSt. Paul’s School, Darjeeling
College Carleton University, Canada
QualificationB.A (History), Master’s in Communication
Family and Education Details

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Vishnu Som Married Life

According to a post on Facebook, Vishnu is leading a married life with his wife. Besides, he is also nurturing children as he shares a bond with his life partner.

Vishnu Som Career

Soon after completing his higher education, Vishnu started working with NDTV as the Principal Anchor and the Executive Editor. When Vishnu started delivering the news through the news network, he covered extensively natural disasters, conflicts, wars, and the aviation industry. Additionally, Vishnu has also managed to cover the incidents regarding the Iraq, Kashmir, and Afghanistan wars. Beyond these wars, Vishnu has also personally covered more about the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022, the Asian tsunami, and the Bhuj earthquake. After years of experience, Vishnu also grabbed the opportunity to cover more about Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.

Video By NDTV on YouTube

Besides his education, Vishnu has already completed a documentary series named ‘Great Battles.’ As Vishnu takes the viewers through the Indian soldiers’ role in some battles, he covers more about the incidents right from the battle of Monte Cassino to World War II. In addition to this documentary, Vishnu has also presented himself in the series named India’s Underwater Treasures. While this documentary progresses, it features the effect of global warming on the corals across the country. Apart from everything else, people also came across this journalist when he was involved in presenting cricket controversies.

Vishnu Som Accomplishments

While Vishnu started pacing ahead in his career, he was always known for his presentation and oratory skills. When had presented the news regarding the Japan earthquake, he received an award for the coverage. Moreover, this news anchor was also honored with the award for being the ‘Best Television Presenter. This award was given to Vishnu in April 2012 by the News Television Awards. Interestingly, Vishnu also got an award for the best series when he successfully covered the series, ‘India’s Underwater Treasures.

After a period, the Commonwealth Broadcasting Award also appreciated his presentation style with the series related to the effect of global warming. Furthermore, Vishnu Som was also felicitated with the Ramnath Goenka Excellence Award in 2011. The judges considered presenting this award because the journalist had covered the natural calamity across Sendai and Fukushima in the most presentable way.

Apart from documentary series and breaking news, Vishnu has also been known for many interviews with Bill Gates, Ashton Carter, President Vladimir Putin, Henry Kissinger, and prime minister Shinzo Abe. Moreover, Vishnu also anchors the NDTV news at 9 pm and 10 pm, shown on television. He also likes to write many articles on the official website of NDTV India. If you go through the website of NDTV India, then you will also come across some articles under the ‘Author’ section.

Unlike other news anchors, Som also hosts a program named ‘The Jet Set. As Som presents the program well, he takes the viewers through the experience of being with pilots when they are riding different fighter aircrafts. These include Saab JAS 39 Gripen, F/A-18, F-16, and Mikoyan MiG-35. Apart from these experiences, the journalist also had a memorable experience when he flew in the Dassault Rafale and the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft.

Recent Articles by Vishnu Som

As Vishnu Som is fond of writing, he often writes for the website of NDTV India. So, in this section, you will learn more about what Vishnu likes to write.

  • On 25th April 2022, Vishnu wrote an article about a town in Ukraine, Borodyanka, when it was terribly affected due to the Russia-Ukraine War. While he elaborates on his feelings after visiting the regions, he stated that the town had turned into hell, and landmines were observed across the Kindergarten grounds. He also stated the war had also devastated Bucha, Irpin, and the regions toward the north.
  • When Vishnu Som was assigned the task of covering the condition of Ukraine after the way, he wrote an article about his experience in one of the airplanes of Air India. While he describes the incidents in his article, he also states about his experience along with the crew members and a few passengers. Eventually, the flight returned to Delhi because the operations in the airspace had stopped due to the bombings.
  •  Towards the end of January 2022, Vishnu Som also covered why the government had omitted the hymn, ‘Abide With Me’ during the Beating Retreat Ceremony. According to the journalist, the government discarded this hymn because it fundamentally changed the character of the martial tune.

Note: If you want an overview of Vishnu’s assignments at NDTV India, you can check out a video on the official website. In the video, Vishnu Som talks more about his journey over 18 years and the stories he has covered.

Vishnu Som Net Worth

As Vishnu paces ahead in his career, his net worth has always been growing over the years. According to many online sources, his net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million. Besides, the journalist also earns well to support his family and lead an affluent lifestyle.

Net Worth in Indian RupeesBetween Rs. 8.24 crores and 41.20 crores (estimated)
Net Worth in DollarBetween 1 million and 5 million USD (estimated)
Vishnu Som Net Worth

Hobbies and Interests

Whenever Vishnu has ample time by his side, he likes to travel to many destinations. Moreover, as he likes sports and outdoor activities, he has developed an interest in cricket. Surprisingly, he also likes to explore marine life because he is a certified scuba diver.

Nevertheless, Vishnu is also interested in aviation because he has flown in numerous aircrafts. Through the years, Vishnu has also picked up the art of storytelling, blogging, and copy editing. 

Social Media Profiles

Like many news anchors, Vishnu always updates his followers on what’s happening in his life. So, if you wish to know more about his presence on social media, let’s check out what the journalist likes to post often.


Instagram Profile

On Instagram, Vishnu always likes to portray his love for the aviation industry. As you go through the Instagram posts, you will also observe some photos depicting his moments when he covered more about the devastated areas of Ukraine.

Facebook Profile

Unlike Instagram, Vishnu has not been active on Facebook since June 2021. However igadgetnewstoday, if you skim through his Facebook posts, you will notice many posts related to aviation. In the past, Vishnu has also hosted an event with the IIM A students. During the event, he was able to gather many views regarding the visit of Donald Trump.

Twitter Profile

If you come across Vishnu’s profile on Twitter, then you will observe many posts regarding breaking news across India. Such social media posts are quite different from the ones he shares about aviation and issues of the nation. The profile also states that Vishnu is associated with the Global Investigative Journalism Network foodiesfact.

LinkedIn Profile

When you go through Vishnu’s LinkedIn profile, you will observe that the journalist hasn’t posted anything on the social media platform. However, you can go through his overall experience in journalism in detail igadgetnow. Once you go through the ‘Interests’ section, you will also come across the influencers, ‘Randi Zuckerberg’ and ‘Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.’ Subsequently, Vishnu also likes the following companies: Hepta Contino Inc. and The Writers For Hire.

Facts Regarding Vishnu Som

  • Besides writing extensively for NDTV India, Vishnu likes to write for the website mudrack. While he has written about the bitterness between Ratan Tata and Cyrus Mistry after the accident, he has also covered facts regarding Lt. General Anil Chauhan as soon as he retired from his services.
  • Apart from conducting interviews with eminent personalities, Vishnu has also presented many sessions of the World Economic Forum. While many individuals conducted the sessions across the globe, he carried out his responsibility well.
  • While Vishnu is working with NDTV India, he has also been responsible for assessing the multiplier effect associated with New Media. This later drove him to present the practices aggregators, and content creators must follow in the current era.
  • Soon after embarking on his career with NDTV India, Vishnu was solely responsible for producing more than 50 documentaries newspinup. Moreover, the journalist has been leading video editors, editorial teams, and a group of graphics designers. This responsibility later helped to develop unique content for many news programs.
  • As Vishnu continues to anchor the show Left, Right, and Centre, he has completed around 8000 hours of broadcasting experience. Besides, his work in the journalism sector has also been recognized over the years.
  • During his tenure with NDTV India, Vishnu has also taken up the responsibility of planning and broadcasting numerous campaigns. These campaigns include ‘Save the Tiger,’ ‘The Diageo- NDTV Road to Safety, and ‘The Uber.’
  • This journalist has also worked towards defining the content for NDTV with an acute understanding of the news business. Moreover, Vishnu has also worked closely with many teams with the awareness of several challenges, the reality of unauthentic news, and the impact of social media.
  • If you go through some videos on the official website of NDTV India, then you will come across a video of Vishnu Som. As he confidently presents himself, he speaks about his experience of reporting across a war zone. 
  • According to a video posted on YouTube, Vishnu Som was known to be the first reporter to fly with the pilot driving the Tejas combat aircraft.
  • Whenever you go through some posts on Twitter, you will observe that Vishnu had thoroughly enjoyed a 20 min debate on linguistic chauvinism. While interacting with Baichung Bhutia, he discussed the issue with Bengalis, Tamilians, the Lepcha, and more. 
  • After visiting a particular website, people have invited Vishnu Som as a speaker for the Jaipur Literature Festival. Such a festival will be conducted between the 19th and 23rd of January, 2023. 
  • In addition to the prime time shows, Vishnu regularly conducts the show, ‘The Buck Stops Here’ at 8 pm. 
  • As per a post on Twitter, Vishnu states that he used to think about heading for a sunshine holiday soon after heavy rainfall. He also states that he used to have an enjoyable time with his classmates. 
  • Vishnu keeps a doll next to his desk. But, when people were curious about this doll, it seemed that an image was edited, and the doll was considered to resemble the picture of the terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Consequently, the journalist Ravish Kumar rose and confirmed that the object was a Matryoshka doll from Russia. 
  • Before considering a career in journalism, Vishnu had thought about being a fighter pilot since childhood. But, after gaining experience in delivering documentary series, Vishnu thought about being a journalist. 


For how long has Vishnu Som been working as a journalist?

Vishnu has been working in the arena of journalism for more than 25 years. Soon after completing his higher studies, he started his career with NDTV India in 1996.

Where is Vishnu Som currently working?

Vishnu is presently working with NDTV India as a Principal Anchor and an Executive Editor. Besides presenting news, he is also the host of the show Left, Right, and Centre.

Is Vishnu Som married to someone?

As per a Facebook post, Vishnu is married to a lady. In addition, he is also nurturing children and taking care of the entire family. 

What is the present age of Vishnu Som?

As Vishnu was born in July 1974, his current age is 48 years (as of 2022).

What do Vishnu’s parents do presently?

Vishnu has also been brought up in a well-educated family. While his father was an officer with the Indian Foreign Service, his mother was a writer, historian, and classical singer.