Vivek Shandilya is a 33-year-old news anchor (as of 2022) who successfully established his name in the news industry. However, he was born in Deoghar in Jharkhand state. Vivek is a news anchor working with India TV.

He has worked as a former Republic Bharat news anchor. Apart from these, he has worked with ZEE, News Nation, and IBC24 news channels. Overall, Vivek has worked in the news industry for over 11 years.

Biography of Vivek Shandilya

Presenting oneself as an experienced news anchor takes many years, but Vivek Shandilya has been successful in being one of the prominent news anchors in his early 30s. He came to Delhi in search of work in the IT sector as his city didn’t have many opportunities. Though he didn’t find a job in the IT sector, he became one of the finest journalists of the 21st century. Vivek has been connected to the journalism industry for over 11 years.

Vivek Shandilya started his career in journalism and news anchoring with ETV Bharat in 2009, and after that, he didn’t look back. He joined there as an intern, and ETV Bharat was the first news channel for him to work with. In 2009, ETV Bharat was the only channel to provide training and internship to new journalists along with a stipend. He learned a lot of things like pronunciation, news delivery, punctuation usage, reporting, and anchoring at ETV Bharat. He learned all the essential things there.

Then he joined IBC 24 in April 2011. He continued to work with IBC 24 till October 2012. He extended his support to the news channel for more than a year. Then in February 2013, he joined News nation. Even there, he presented his skills very well. He worked there till May 2017.

After that, he joined one of the prominent news channels named ZEE Chhattisgarh in May 2017. The same month after leaving News nation. He remained there till January 2019 and had to resign due to some personal reasons.

In January 2019, he joined Republic Bharat. But he left Republic Bharat in 2022. He was made the senior editor of the Republic Bharat news channel and part of Republic Bharat’s launching team. In 2022, he joined India TV and is still a part of it.

Vivek has covered the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He has also covered state elections and even got the opportunity to cover the surgical strike and the Nepal earthquake.

Father’s NameNot known
Mother’s NameNot known
Mother tongueHindi
Zodiac signNot known
Marital statusUnmarried
CasteNot known
ProfessionSenior editor, journalist
Personal Details of Vivek

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Vivek Shandilya Physical Stats

Vivek Shandilya is one of the young yet enthusiastic news anchors of this decade. He has a very attractive physique and hits the gym and workouts whenever he feels like it.

Height in centimeterNot known
Height in metersNot known
Height in feetNot known
Weight in kgsNot known
Weight in poundsNot known
Eye colorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Sexual orientationStraight
Physical Stats of Vivek

Vivek Shandilya Educational Qualifications

Vivek has studied in an all-boys school. He completed his post-graduation from Punjab Technical University in 2011 and has done his master’s in Journalism and mass communication.

Shandilya has been inspiring many aspiring journalists through his prime-time shows and anchoring skills. His story of struggle also inspires everyone whose financial condition is not stable.

SchoolNot known
Graduation placeNot known
Masters placePunjab Technical University
Course nameMass communication
Education Details of Vivek

Vivek Shandilya Family and Married Life

Vivek Shandilya’s parent’s name is not known yet. He belongs to a lower-middle-class family and has an older brother. In an interview, he said his family struggled to get two meals daily. Vivek Shandilya is not married yet.

His father had invested all his family’s savings to start a business when Vivek was 2.5 years old. But during that phase, his father passed away in a road accident. After his father passed away, the condition of this family deteriorated. He has worked for 500rs per month as well. And now, whenever he faces any difficulty, they seem negligible to him.

Vivek Shandilya Net Worth

Vivek is estimated to have a net worth of $0.5 million or INR 4.1 crore. Vivek earns an estimated 12 lacs every year.

SalaryINR 12 lacs (estimated)
Net worth$0.5 million (estimated)
Net worth in INRINR 4.1 crore (estimated)
Vivek Shandilya Net Worth

Vivek Shandilya Social Media Profiles

Vivek Shandilya is quite popular on social media. He has a good fan following on various social media platforms. He is pretty much active on Twitter. He has a personal account on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Views and Thoughts

Vivek Shandilya believes more in facts. He presents every news item with facts. Journalism is a work of responsibility, and he does proper research regarding the news before presenting it in front of the audience. He chooses his words wisely.

He respects every type of work. According to him, whatever the field may be, when one believes in his/her work, one succeeds. Everyone should keep working hard and leave the rest to destiny.

News is a work of perfection for him. One has to read the news, rectify the errors present and deliver it to the audience in a fraction of a second.

Vivek says that people should keep patience and keep doing their work. He achieved fame and popularity because he kept patience during his hard days.

Vivek Shandilya says that everyone likes to be in the limelight, and everyone enjoys the fame they get once they get aired on TV. But he takes news anchoring as a part of his job. Fame is the reward for the work he does.

Vivek Shandilya’s life philosophy is that one should live life as it is. One should neither take nor give load and carry the responsibilities well. Everyone should remain contended with themselves and spread happiness.

Facts About Vivek Shandilya

  • Vivek Shandilya is a journalist.
  • Vivek Shandilya is not married.
  • His father passed away when he was 2.5 years old.
  • He belongs to the lower middle class.
  • Vivek wanted to get into the IT industry.
  • Vivek’s brother brought him to Delhi.
  • His first stipend as an intern at ETV was 8k.
  • Vivek Shandilya belongs to a business background.
  • He has seen many adversities in life.
  • Currently, he is working at India TV.
  • Vivek Shandilya believes in hard work.
  • He was in the last intern batch of ETV, and after, ETV discontinued that internship program.
  • He is very humble and unbiased regarding his views.


What is the profession of Vivek Shandilya?

Vivek Shandilya is a journalist. He is currently working with India TV and has been a former Republic Bharat news anchor.

Is Vivek Shandilya married?

No, Vivek Shandilya is not married.

Does Vivek Shandilya have any siblings?

Yes, Vivek Shandilya has an elder brother.

Does Vivek Shandilya drink?

No, Vivek Shandilya doesn’t drink.

Does Vivek Shandilya smoke?

No, Vivek Shandilya doesn’t smoke.

How many years has Vivek Shandilya contributed to the news industry?

As of 2022, Vivek Shandilya has worked for over 11 years in the news industry. Vivek started his career in journalism in 2011.

Which news channel did Vivek Shandilya join first?

Vivek Shandilya joined ETV Bharat first. Vivek has since then changed a lot of channels to seek better career opportunities.