WinZo Gold APK is an online gaming and interactive entertainment platform available in 12 languages. It was established in early 2018 on Playstore, and since then, it has been developing. With over 75 million users, the platform serves micro-transactions across a portfolio of 100+ games with six different formats.

The WinZo Gold APK can be played by both Android and iOS users. Android users can use the Official page of the WinZo Gold APK to free download the application, while iOS users have to visit the Play store for the download.

WinZo Gold APK Download Latest Version 2022

APK NameWinZo Gold APK
Operating SystemAndroid
Updated DateSep 10th, 2022
WinZo Gold APK Latest Version32.9.591
Size106.24 MB
Official Website
WinZo Gold App Details 2022

WinZo Gold APK Features

  • You have an option of playing 70+ games just on one single platform and can earn money too.
  • You should not be concerned about the payment as you will be one click away from the payment too.
  • At a single point of time, more than 5 crore+ players in India are playing this game.
  • Language is not a barrier while playing this game, as you will find 12 languages to choose from; English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, and much more.
  • A cricket and Football lover can earn money in Fantasy League.
  • Collect a small amount by referring the game to your friends and family.  
  • You can choose from WinZo gold apk download from apkpure below on this page.

WinZo Gold APK Download for Android

  • Step 1. Let us follow the simple steps for the WinZo Gold APK free download for android 5.0:
  • Step 2. First, you need to open any browser such as Chrome, Mozila.
  • Step 3. After that open the official website WinZo official website.
  • Step 4. You will find an option of Get App Link SMS in a box of green color. Enter your mobile number in the box and click on “Get App Link SMS.”
  • Step 5. Now, you will receive a link on the registered mobile number.
  • Step 6. Click on the “Download and Get Rs 550” option at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 7. Once you have installed after that you need to Install it.
  • Step 8. Choose your language and verify your number.
  • Step 9. You will receive Rs 550 instantly on this platform.

WinZo Gold APK Download for iPhone, iOS

  • Step 1. Follow the simple given steps for WinZo Gold APK download.
  • Step 2. Open your Apple’s app store and type on the search bar “WinZo Games“.
  • Step 3. Select the iOS App Store and click on download.
  • Step 4. Now, click install.
  • Step 5. Open the app and fill the registration information.
  • Step 6. You will receive Rs 550 after the registration.
  • Step 7. Select the game and start playing.

How to Use WinZo Gold APK?

  • Download and install the WinZo Gold App from the given link.
  • Open the app and choose your language.
  • Now, verify your number with OTP.
  • Allow the permissions. You will receive Rs 10.5 for the registration.
  • On a new page, you can see the games and the number of players playing.
  • Each game will have its price list of particular winners.
  • The next category will be of WinZo (top of the page). Here, you have to pay a small amount for some games and earn by winning them.
  • The popular category is Daily Quizzes. Each game has its timing and amount, and however, you will receive a notification of the game.
  • The sports category league is also available with specific games and times. Moreover, you will receive a notification before the game starts.

WinZo Gold APK Download For PC

If you are looking for a safe way to download WinZo Gold APK for PC, then you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, you should know that most apps available on the Google play store are designed for mobile platforms, such as Android. But if you’re looking to play a game on your PC, you can still use an emulator such as MemuPlay, which is very lightweight and designed specifically for this purpose.

Winzo Gold is a free game that allows you to play with a virtual world, where you can play games and earn cash. It features many different types of games and offers real cash prizes.

However, you can only withdraw your cash bonuses after reaching a certain rank. In this case, you won’t be able to earn much money from the games themselves, but you can still earn a lot of money if you’re able to get high scores.

To download Winzo Gold for PC, go to the Google play store and search for it. If you don’t find it there, you can also download the APK file from a third-party website. The app should install without any problems, so there’s no need to worry about any virus or malware. If you’re not satisfied with the way the app works, you can uninstall it and reinstall it later.

Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, you can install the application on your PC using Bluestacks. If you are unable to install Bluestacks, you can also use Nox.

WinZO Gold Apk Download Old Version

If you are looking for a free way to get the WinZO Gold application on your smartphone, you can download its form apkpure old version. The WinZo gold app has more than 3000 games that you can play and earn Gold coins. It is highly addictive and is constantly being updated with new games. You will spend hours playing it and may lose track of time.

The game can be played in several modes. You can play various card games, strategy games, e-sports, casual games, cricket games, and more. It is also possible to play arcade games and board games. The best part is that it is completely free to download.

However, before you download the WinZo Gold app, you need to download its apk file. Since the app is not available on Google Play store, you may have to download the file from another website. To download the apk file, you must grant the third-party App permission to install the app.

The Winzo gold APK allows you to play different types of games on various platforms. It is compatible with Android devices and offers a variety of ways to earn cash. It also has a lot of fun features that make it a great way to spend your free time. The app is extremely addictive and has millions of games to choose from. Moreover, it allows you to withdraw money from various online services such as Phonepe, Paytm, UPI, and Bank.

Game List of WinZo Gold App

WinZo Games Play


Rummy is a simple pastime game in India. It’s easy, entertaining, and filled with challenges that’ll keep you coming back for more. WinZO is an online rummy platform that allows you to play rummy in your native language. They offer the digital edition of the same game previously enjoyed by families and friends in their gatherings. They have become one of India’s most popular games due to the fast gameplay, secure network, and secure transactions, combined with their international gaming standards.


An 8-ball version of the Pool game is being played on a 6-pocket pool table with a full rack of 15 balls and a cue ball. Your goal is to pocket all seven colored balls you’ve been assigned (Solids or Stripes) and then to pocket the eight ball before your competitor.


Because of Ludo’s popularity, players can now play with random players without looking for a partner. Each player receives four tokens and a single dice.


WCC is a top digital cricket game that gives an advanced 3D setup to your mobile screen. The game includes many cricket shots, like Dil-scoop, Helicopter Shot, and Upper-Cut, with the customization of players and banners.

Connect Four

It is one of the best programs for working your brain and finding solutions for dealing with problems in everyday life. Its online version that has a variety of mixing and a multiplayer option, enabling you to challenge others or engage in enjoyable hours with your friends. WinZo enables you to play connect 4 games with your peers or ace players from different countries.

29 Card Game

The 29-card game is a variation of the 28-card game, which is popular in North India and Bangladesh. In general, the twenty-nine is played with four players, with two players collaborating. This game uses only 32 cards from a regular 52-card deck, with 8 cards from each suit. In this pattern, the highest cards are J, 9, A, and 10, while the lowest are K, Q, 8, and 7.


Solitaire is a classic card game that players of all ages enjoy. The single-player game has numerous variations, with the goal being to arrange the cards in a specific order as soon as possible.

Metro Surfer

Metro Surfer is an adventure game in which you take on the character of a young graffiti artist attempting to flee a metro railway site from an inspector and his dog. You can acquire diamonds, power-ups, and other items while running.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is an online game that lets you build your virtual group of 11 strongest players and get rewards based on their performance in the real-life game. When putting together your Fantasy Football team, consider which players can be relied on in the future round.

Fruit Samurai

The player in Fruit Samurai chops fruits with a touch-screen-controlled sword. When the fruit appears on the screen, the player must swipe their finger across the display to split it. Additional points are awarded for slicing many fruits with a single swipe.


Carrom is one of the most enjoyable indoor games for children and people of all ages. The enjoyable board game you once loved with your family and friends is now available as an online carrom game.

Call Break

Call Bridge is now called Call Break, a card game that relies significantly on tricks, player skill, trumps, and so on. This game is popular among players, and you may play it in various modes to suit your tastes. Card games have been prevalent in India for ages.

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is a virtual version of your cricket in which you can create a virtual online cricket team of 11 players from a current or future real-life match. Fantasy Cricket League is a simple game where you can form your group. Your goal should be to score the most points and secure a spot on the leaderboard by virtually defeating your competitors in WinZo’s online fantasy cricket game.


Fantasy Cricket is a virtual version of your cricket in which you can create a virtual online cricket team of 11 players from a current or future real-life match. Fantasy Cricket League is a simple game where you can form your group. Your goal should be to score the most points and secure a spot on the leaderboard by virtually defeating your competitors in Winzo’s online fantasy cricket game.


Archery, or bows and arrows in simpler terms, dates back to prehistoric times when humans used it for hunting or conflict resolution. Bow and arrow use has traditionally been restricted to hunting. Archery has recently risen as a significant sporting event, making its way to the World Games and the Olympics.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a thrilling experience that will keep you entertained for hours, and this game necessitates an excellent balance of strategy and action. Indulging in online games to pass the time during the monotonous hours of the day is popular these days. Individuals of all ages want to spend some time playing online games to churn their brains and feel the adrenaline rush that comes just seconds before a win.

Basket Ball

The WinZo basketball game is an excellent alternative for individuals who enjoy playing this sport, and it includes several elements that will provide you with an unforgettable experience. You do not need a whole squad for this; challenge other online games when playing basketball games online.

Dots and Boxes

The game starts with an empty grid with several dots when you play Dots and Boxes. During their turn, the players are only allowed to add one line, and it might be a horizontal or vertical line connecting the two dots. The player, who completes all four sides, producing a 1×1 box, receives one point and an extra opportunity. The game is over when there are no more dots to create a line.

WinZo Coupon Code Generator 2022

Different codes are available for the WinZo App and WinZo Gold APK that can be used to earn a small amount of money daily. You can open, where all the codes are updated regularly WinZo Gold coupon code 500 free 2022.

However, every code has its validity and amount. Moreover, it would help if you make sure to check its eligibility too to redeem it. It is the easiest way to earn while refreshing your mind.

Withdraw Your Winning Cash From the WinZO Gold APK 2022

WinZO App is one of the most popular e-sport platforms in India. While many people use the app purely for entertainment purposes, some users also earn real money. Users can also earn money by referring other users to the app. Here are some methods to withdraw your winning cash from the Winzo Gold APK.

  • First, you must download the app and log in to your Winzo account.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you can begin playing contests.
  • There are a few different levels of contests you can enter.
  • The lowest contest allows you to win up to Rs.2. After you’ve reached this level, you can move on to more advanced contests, including those that pay more.

The Winzo gold app also includes fantasy sports games. Users can compete in fantasy leagues to win cash prizes. Players can unlock clubs to unlock extra benefits. Unlocking higher club levels will increase your withdrawal limit, increase your VIP point conversion, increase your daily withdrawal count, and give you access to VIP customer support.

WinZo Gold Free Fire

Many people know and love Free Fire, the popular battle royale game for mobile devices. Some may not know that to buy certain in-game items; you need a particular in-game currency called “WinZo Gold free fire diamonds.” As you level up in the game, you may be tempted to purchase different products to give yourself an edge over the competition. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have a strong or intriguing personality.

The in-game currency in Garena Free Fire is called a diamond. The game’s pre-bought items, including characters, emote, bundles, pets, and skins, may be purchased using that. Exchange the diamonds for goods at the Free Fire shop. You need to do a Diamond TopUp to get the Free Fire Diamonds. Any player can easily use the Freefire Diamond top-up option on the free Fire app.

Let us Check Out the WinZo Free Fire Top Diamond Hack 2022

  1. Download the WinZo app from the official website or Apple Store.
  2. Open the WinZo Store.
  3. Click on Free Fire Diamond, buy them at the lowest given prices, and enjoy both the games.

WinZo Gold Alternative

List of WinZo like Apps that will earn you money just by playing online:

  1. Happy Teen Patti
  2. Gamezy
  3. Teen Patti Master
  4. MPL (Mobile Premier League)
  5. OneTo11

Happy Teen Patti

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make extra money, Happy Teen Patti is the app for you! You can earn money by playing games like Ludo, Rummy, Poker, and more that is WinZo like earning app. Plus, there’s no need to invest any money to get started – you can use your sign-up bonus 100% towards your gameplay. So download now and start earning!


Gamezy is a WinZo like app that allows you to earn money by playing games and fantasy sports. It has many games, including Ludo and rummy to win real cash. The Gamezy minimum withdrawal is just Rs. 25 on Paytm. However, you can also earn a cash bonus of up to Rs. 1000 by referring your friends to the app.

Teen Patti Master

Join exciting Teen Patti battles against other live players, or join tournaments to win cash prizes! Of course, you need to pay an entry fee. You can take up fantasy cricket or game tournaments of BGMI and COD Mobile.

MPL (Mobile Premier League)

Although the MPL app’s concept was similar to that of WinZo Gold, it expanded more quickly and is now a more popular gaming app because of its high-grade advertising and a significant investment of money. By playing games and inviting people to the app, MPL allows you to earn Paytm cash, and earnings per referral are up to Rs. 75.


In addition to games on this platform, you can participate in live quizzes to win real money and Paytm cash. You get a bonus of Rs 100 when you first download the app, and you can invite friends to join to earn an endless amount of money.

Is the WinZo Gold App Safe to Use?

The Winzo Gold App is an app that can earn you money by playing games. The app is available for download from the official website. It can also be installed on an emulator. This application is safe to use as it is verified and tested. Users can earn money by playing games such as BigCash and Ludo Supreme.

To make a withdrawal, the user should first register on the Winzo App. Once registered, the user needs to enter their mobile number, OTP, and other basic details. Then, the money will be added to their Paytm or bank account. The withdrawal fee is minimal. It is best to choose Paytm for your withdrawal.

The Winzo app has several features which make it safe to use. It is a member of the All India Gaming Federation (AIG) and faithfully transfers winnings to the users’ bank accounts.

Moreover, the application allows users to enter their bank details and other personal information without risking their privacy. This application offers a secure environment to play over 100 interactive social games.

Although it is illegal to use WinZo Gold in certain countries, it is possible to access the app through a VPN. However, it is important to note that the use of VPN may result in legal problems.

WinZo App Customer Care Number

When you contact WinZO customer service with a question, your contact information, game play or other activities on the app are gathered by them. This will help them to resolve your query properly. You can use the given information below to contact WinZo app customer care.

Winzo App Email ID[email protected]
WinZo App Customer Care NumberNot Available
WinZo Twitter@WinZoGames
AddressA-20 Naraina Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi.
Contact Details of WinZo Gold APK



The largest online gaming app is owned by Paavan Nanda has 100+ game at a single platform with 12 different languages. You will find the most basic and the most difficult games for all the age group. However, the WinZo Gold APK will be much more fun to play as you will get many of the paid feature free here. The WinZo Customer Care Helpline information in the blog is available 24/7 for players services. Leave a comment stating the amount you have earned from this single platform.