Vigneesh DM, an Administrative Officer (AO) at ‘The New India Assurance Company Limited,’ has had a remarkable journey from facing challenges to achieving success. Back in 2019, when his father suffered from a heart attack, Vigneesh sought help from his private firm. Unfortunately, they declined, citing that insurance benefits were only available to employees who had completed three years with the company. This incident left a lasting impression on Vigneesh, motivating him to switch to the banking sector.

Hailing from Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, Vigneesh’s parents lacked formal education but encouraged him to pursue studies. Despite the obstacles, he secured admission to Rajalakshmi Engineering College in Chennai and graduated in 2017. After working for a private company for two years, he resigned to take care of his father’s health. Once things stabilized, he decided to pursue a government job, fulfilling his parents’ dream and their admiration for the respect given to government officials.

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Interestingly, Vigneesh and his parents didn’t have a bank account until 2015. His father used to personally travel from the village each month to provide him with financial support. However, during college, Vigneesh gained exposure to the banking system, realizing its significance and developing an interest in banking exams. He commenced his preparations in 2019 but had to face temporary setbacks due to the Covid wave, returning to his hometown for a brief period.

In 2022, Vigneesh returned to Chennai to appear for government tests in banking and insurance since his hometown lacked examination centers. During this time, he managed his expenses by working part-time as a Zomato delivery partner, earning between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000 a month based on the hours he dedicated. He recalls both the kindness of some customers and challenging instances of delivering orders on higher floors when elevators were out of service. Nonetheless, he always made it a point to collect orders from downstairs to ease the delivery partner’s burden.

Now, life has come full circle for Vigneesh as he secured the position of AO in the fire and engineering department at New India Insurance Private Limited. His company requested his parents’ details for insurance, and Vigneesh takes pride in earning social respect for his parents and himself through his accomplishments.