Chetan Bhattacharji was born and nurtured in Delhi. After gaining years of experience, he currently works as Sr. Managing Editor with NDTV India. He has also led the editorial team and written many research papers related to climate change and air pollution during his career.

Biography of Chetan Bhattacharji

Besides working as a Sr. Managing Editor, Chetan Bhattacharji has also participated in discussions regarding air pollution. Most importantly, Chetan has also written blogs and research papers. 

Full NameChetan Bhattacharji
ProfessionSr. Managing Editor
AgeNot Known
Date of BirthNot Known
Mother TongueNot Known
Zodiac SignNot Known
Marital StatusSingle
ReligionNot Known
CasteNot Known
Biography of Chetan Bhattacharji

Chetan Bhattacharji Physical Stats

Even though Chetan Bhattacharji often covers breaking news on television, he always appears presentable while facing the camera. While his height is 5 feet 6 inches, his body weight is 68 kg. Moreover, Chetan always appears professional when he presents himself in formal apparel and with a clean-shaven face.

Height in Centimetres168 m
Height in Metres1.68 m
Height in Feet5 ft. 6 inches
Weight68 kg
Weight in Pounds150 pounds
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Physical Stats

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Chetan Bhattacharji Family And Education

Born in a well-cultured family, Chetan Bhattacharji has always followed the traditions of the Hindu religion. He is known to be the grandson of Nirmal Mukarji, previously working as a Governor of Punjab and the Cabinet Secretary. Regarding his education, he completed his studies till the 10th standard at a good school in Delhi.

Later, he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. After graduating, he also moved ahead with a diploma course in Broadcast Journalism from Cardiff University in 2000. As time passed, the news anchor completed a certified course in ‘Finance for Decision Making’ from IIM Bangalore.

Chetan Mother’s NameNot Known
Chetan Father’s NameNot Known
Chetan SiblingsNot Known
BirthplaceNot Known
SchoolNot Known
CollegeSt. Stephen’s College
Cardiff University
QualificationB.A, Diploma in Broadcast Journalism, Course in ‘Finance for Decision Making’
Family and Education

Chetan Bhattacharji Married Life

Even when Chetan has already settled into his life, he hasn’t yet got married to a girl. But, if his parents find a good match for him, he will think about his marriage and embark on a new phase in life.

Chetan Bhattacharji Career

Soon after completing his higher studies, Chetan commenced his career with The Statesman Newspaper as a trainee sub-editor. Soon after completing one year with the organization, Chetan joined NDTV India. Initially, he started working with the news channel as a Sr. Editor. But, after working for 13 years, Chetan was promoted as Executive Editor and was responsible for ensuring the quality of editorial content.

Moreover, Chetan was appointed as a Managing Editor of the news channel in January 2012. Presently, he has been working with NDTV India as a Sr. Managing Editor since October 2020. In addition to developing content strategies, Chetan is responsible for contextualizing different reports and news events. Besides, he manages an editorial team to ensure that nothing goes wrong before and after publishing the content. With numerous years of experience, Chetan has also set up mentoring systems that can help to enhance growth within the team and create leaders for the future.

While Chetan is already working with NDTV India, he has published many research papers regarding climate change policies and air pollution. On the other hand, Chetan has also been a moderator and was actively involved in panel discussions about air pollution and its impact on India. Subsequently, the journalist has also designed workflows to enhance coordination between the digital and TV newsrooms. Beyond such experiences, the news anchor has also developed a system with technologies. Such a system was designed to report the Air Quality Index for every hour during the day.

Recent Articles By Chetan Bhattacharji

Whenever Chetan is not busy with his usual routine, he always spends some time writing articles or blogs for NDTV India.

  • On 1st May 2022, Chetan wrote an article on heatwaves in India. While you read through the blog, you will know the impact of the heatwaves on different regions in the country. As the climatic conditions worsened in the country, people experienced significantly less rainfall in different regions. The extreme heat has also led to a power and coal crisis. Moreover, the heatwave in 2022 can eventually lead to incidents of extreme rain.
  • Towards the end of 2021, this news anchor wrote an article on the Delhi air pollution case. But, as the central government try to resolve the issues, it will show the determination with which the individuals will mitigate air pollution. Subsequently, people are trying to reduce the number of private vehicles, but Supreme Court has given orders to the Delhi fleet just for increasing the number to 10,000. In November 2021, the Delhi government also proclaimed that it would come up with 10,000 buses. With this in mind, the CAQM later said that it would plan to coordinate and speed up the entire process.
  • On 31st October 2021, the team of NDTV posted an article by Chetan. In this article, Chetan stated that the entire world is staying still and hoping for an agreement to reduce emissions. But, as people cling to hope, many Indians will wait to check out the consequences as soon as the peak pollution season commences. The change in the climate will later lead to a big problem, and short-term pollutants will pollute the air. On the flip side, people have observed less air pollution when there is heavy rainfall in Delhi.

Some Issue Briefs by Chetan Bhattacharji

If you go through the official website of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), you will notice some research papers by Chetan Bhattacharji.

  • In November 2020, the ORF posted a brief regarding industrial pollution in India. As you go through this brief, you will come across an argument about understanding the city’s air quality. The document also states that the understanding can become strong only when residents can gain access to information related to industrial emissions. Once many monitors are brought in a transparent regime, the people will analyze and verify the data.
  • During July 2020, Chetan thought about presenting his thoughts about how Atmanirbhar Bharat is not yet focusing on climate change and air pollution. While the mission aims to improve the conditions after the COVID-19 pandemic, it has failed to address the bigger crisis. The brief also presents why the government should consider the issues and consider going green to improve the country.
  • Towards the end of 2019, Chetan presented a paper on why people must consider air pollution a political issue in India. Additionally, the journalist also made it clear why officials should consider the issue with serious note when the pollution had already affected Delhi. Even when the Delhi government distributed many masks, people observed a drastic increase in the pollution level. Ultimately, the Delhi Chief Minister has proclaimed an anti-smog action plan to reduce air pollution.

Chetan Bhattacharji Net Worth

For many years, Chetan has always been leading a lifestyle of a rich class. Besides earning pretty well in his career, his net worth is estimated to be $2 million. With experience, Vishnu’s salary has also been increasing significantly.

Net Worth in Dollar2 million USD
Net Worth in Indian RupeesRs. 16.48 crores
Chetan Bhattacharji Net Worth

Social Media Profiles

As many individuals use social media for various reasons, Chetan also likes to update his followers with something exciting that’s happening in his life. So, let’s go through the profiles to know more about what he likes to post.


Facebook Profile

If you go through the social media account on Facebook, you will immediately know that Chetan loves travelling to different destinations. But, this news anchor has not been active on Facebook since September 2021.

Instagram Profile

On Instagram, Chetan has posted many posts to show his love for delicious food items. Besides, the news anchor has also posted some images that show the Air Quality Index (AQI) across Delhi. The social media posts also show that Chetan is fond of canines.

Twitter Profile

Soon after you go through Chetan’s profile page on Twitter, you will be aware of some posts that speak about the impact of air pollution. You also know about news related to climate change. 

LinkedIn Profile

As you scroll through the LinkedIn profile page, you will have an idea about Chetan’s work experience and his responsibilities. Furthermore, you will also know about his journey with NDTV India. In the ‘featured’ section, you will also observe some of Chetan’s writings on air pollution in India. A bit later, you can also check out some of his publications on air pollution.  

Facts Regarding Chetan Bhattacharji 

  • Apart from writing extensively for NDTV India, Chetan has also posted some articles on mudrack. While you come across his articles on this website, he has recently covered an article on how India will get affected due to the lead of Israel in climate tech.  
  • As Chetan continues to work with NDTV India, he has also taken care of many projects and their implementation. These projects relate to rating analysis, daily content tracking, mobile journalism, and a program exclusively for GST.
  • In addition to writing on climate change, Chetan has also discussed environmental protection after the pandemic. You can view this discussion through the YouTube Channel of the publishing house, ‘Roli Books. Additionally, Chetan will also be one of the speakers during the India Clean Air Summit that was organized in August 2022.
  • While Chetan resides in Delhi, people think that his children are healthy because of his prime focus on the air pollution emergency in India.
  • Chetan Bhattacharji is also one of the members of the governing board of ‘CARE FOR AIR’. The entire management team thought about selecting the journalist because he has experience driving content related to air pollution and climate change.
  • If you want to know more about what he writes about air pollution, you can check out Chetan’s articles on substack
  • When you go through some Instagram posts, it seems that Chetan is fond of animals and likes dogs.


Where is Chetan Bhattacharji currently working?

After pursuing his higher studies, Chetan has worked with NDTV India for more than 20 years. 

Does Chetan do anything else apart from working with NDTV India?

Besides working as a Manager Editor with NDTV India, Chetan likes to write news articles for the official website. You will also find some of his articles on sites like MUD RACK and Substack