Are you looking to keep up with the latest news in India’s business and finance world in an easy-to-understand format? Look no further than our list of CNBC TV18 News Anchors: Male And Female With Photos! This comprehensive list provides viewers with a glimpse of the faces behind India’s leading business news channel.

So if you’re looking for an inside look at India’s business news scene, then check out our list of CNBC TV18 Anchors: Male And Female With Photos!

List of CNBC TV18 Anchors – Male and Female Name List (2023)

  1. Yash Jain
  2. Sonal Sachdev
  3. Rituparna Bhuyan
  4. Prashant Nair
  5. Parikshit Luthra
  6. Mangalam Maloo
  7. Agam Vakil
  8. Anuj Singhal
  9. Abhishek Kothari
  10. Nigel D’Souza
  11. Shereen Bhan
  12. Sonia Shenoy
  13. Reema Tendulkar
  14. Manisha Gupta
  15. Ekta Batra
  16. Latha Venkatesh
  17. Sumaira Abidi
  18. Ritu Singh
  19. Nisha Poddar
  20. Shilpa Ranipeta
  21. Sonal Bhutra
  22. Shruti Mishra

CNBC TV18 Anchor Male Name List

CNBC TV18 is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to stay informed about what’s happening in the world of business today. With its comprehensive coverage across multiple platforms including television broadcasts, and digital services it has become one of India’s leading sources for quality business news reporting.

Sr. No.CNBC TV18 Male Anchor Name List
1Yash Jain
2Sonal Sachdev
3Rituparna Bhuyan
4Prashant Nair
5Parikshit Luthra
6Mangalam Maloo
7Agam Vakil
8Anuj Singhal
9Abhishek Kothari
10Nigel D’Souza
CNBC TV18 Male Anchors List

Yash Jain

Yash Jain CNBC TV18

Yash Jain, a Principal Correspondent at CNBC TV18, is recognized for his show ‘The Trump Organization & Tribeca Developers’. While his date of birth is unknown, Yash was raised in a middle-class Hindu family.

Sonal Sachdev

Sonal Sachdev CNBC TV18

Sonal Sachdev is a Mumbai-based researcher who has been associated with CNBC TV18 since May 2018. Although his birth year is known (1968), his birthdate remains undisclosed.

Rituparna Bhuyan

Rituparna Bhuyan CNBC TV18

Rituparna Bhuyan is a corporate affairs professional who previously worked at CNBC TV18 before joining Unilever. Although there is no information available about his date of birth, he grew up in a middle-class family.

Prashant Nair

Prashant Nair CNBC TV18

Prashant Nair hails from a traditional Hindu family, but his birthdate is undisclosed. After working as an Analyst at American Express, he began his career at NDTV Profit as a Researcher. Currently, Prashant has been working with CNBC TV18 for over six years.

Parikshit Luthra

Parikshit Luthra CNBC TV18

Parikshit Luthra, a renowned news anchor, and journalist, was born in New Delhi, India, on May 11, 1986, making him 36 years old. With over 14 years of experience in India’s broadcast industry, he is known for his dedication and creativity, having worked with CNN TV18 in the past

Mangalam Maloo

Mangalam Maloo CNBC TV18

Mangalam Maloo hails from Kolkata, India, but his date of birth remains unknown. He is presently serving as an Assistant Editor at CNBC TV18. Mangalam has had an incredible journey with the organization since he joined as a Senior Business Anchor.

Agam Vakil 

Agam Vakil CNBC TV18

Agam was raised in India following Hinduism. He is currently working with HDFC Securities since May 2022 but is well known for his previous work with CNBC TV18.

Anuj Singhal

Anuj Singhal CNBC TV18

Anuj, a native of Delhi, India, who studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya during his school years. He went on to earn an MBA in finance from the University of Delhi. He joined CNBC TV18 after completing his education, with the goal of pursuing his dream career in the Indian stock market.

Abhishek Kothari

Abhishek Kothari CNBC TV18

Abhishek Kothari, born on November 22, is an experienced Principal Research Analyst at CNBC TV18, with a specialization in tracking banks and NBFCs. However, his age remains unknown as the year of his birth is not available.

Nigel D’Souza

Nigel D’Souza CNBC TV18

Nigel D’Souza, an Indian Markets Anchor and Deputy Editor at CNBC-TV18, was born on September 12th. However, his birth year is unknown. Prior to joining the news channel, he spent some time working at the National Stock Exchange of India.

CNBC TV18 Anchor Female Name List

CNBC TV18 offers viewers a wide range of content to stay informed about the latest developments in the business world. From breaking news stories to in-depth analysis of current events, CNBC TV18 provides viewers with up-to-date information on all aspects of finance and economics.

Sr. No.CNBC TV18 Female Anchor Name List
1Shereen Bhan
2Sonia Shenoy
3Reema Tendulkar
4Manisha Gupta
5Ekta Batra
6Latha Venkatesh
7Sumaira Abidi
8Ritu Singh
9Nisha Poddar
10Shilpa Ranipeta
11Sonal Bhutra
12Shruti Mishra
CNBC TV18 Female News Anchor List

Shereen Bhan

Shereen Bhan CNBC TV18

Shereen Bhan, born on August 20th, 1976, is a prominent figure in the media industry. Since September 2013, she has been working with CNBC TV18, and prior to that, she worked with SAB TV, UTV, and Star TV. Additionally, she co-authored a book titled ‘Young Turks: Inspiring Stories of Tech Entrepreneurs (English).

Sonia Shenoy

Sonia Shenoy CNBC TV18

Sonia Shenoy is a seasoned news anchor, assistant executive director, and head of research at CNBC TV18. Born on June 24th, 1987 with over 15 years of experience in journalism, she has been an integral part of the Indian news industry since 2007. Sonia is renowned for her extensive coverage of the auto and aviation sectors, which she has been tracking for over ten years.

Reema Tendulkar

Reema Tendulkar CNBC TV18

Reema Tendulkar began her career with CNBC TV18 in October 2008 as an anchor and editor. She is best known for her exceptional hosting skills on various shows such as ‘Half Time Report,’ ‘Power Breakfast,’ and ‘Midcap Radar.’

Manisha Gupta

Manisha Gupta CNBC TV18

Manisha Gupta, the commodities and currencies editor at CNBC TV18, has over a decade of experience covering domestic and global commodities. She is widely regarded as the most reliable authority on commodities and has become a well-respected figure in the industry.

Ekta Batra

Ekta Batra CNBC TV18

Ekta Batra is a healthcare and pharmaceuticals editor at CNBC TV18 with extensive experience in financial analysis and the economy. She was born and raised in India. Ekta is recognized for her exceptional anchoring skills and has hosted numerous live shows on the network.

Latha Venkatesh

Latha Venkatesh CNBC TV18

Latha Venkatesh is the Chief of the News Bureau at CNBC TV18, with expertise in observing trends of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and commenting on macroeconomic trends and banking issues. Latha’s outstanding skills in macroeconomic analysis and reporting have made her a trusted source of news and insights for viewers.

Sumaira Abidi

Sumaira Abidi CNBC TV18

Sumaira Abidi, a former Anchor and Associate Editor at CNBC TV18, is now the Vice-President of SBI Mutual Fund. With over 15 years of experience in anchoring, she has a particular interest in Mutual Funds.

Ritu Singh

Ritu Singh CNBC TV18

Ritu is a renowned journalist focusing on India’s business, corporate, and policy news along with banking, finance, and macro economy. She joined CNBC TV18 in January 2015 and was promoted to associate editor in July 2022 after serving as a senior specialist for eight years and then as an assistant editor from December 2020.

Nisha Poddar

Nisha Poddar CNBC TV18

Nisha Poddar, a seasoned business journalist, has kept her age and birthday private from the media. With over 20 years of experience, Nisha has been working as a Market Anchor and Editor at CNBC TV18 for almost seven years.

Shilpa Ranipeta

Shilpa Ranipeta CNBC TV18

Shilpa Ranipeta, a Special Correspondent, hails from Hyderabad, but her date of birth remains undisclosed. She worked for Bloomberg TV India and Outlook Business before joining CNBC TV18.

Sonal Bhutra

Sonal Bhutra CNBC TV18

Sonal Bhutra, a Senior Research Analyst at CNBC TV18, has had prior experience working with Ernst & Young India and Haribhakti & Co. However, her birth date remains undisclosed, making it impossible to determine her current age.

Shruti Mishra

Shruti Mishra CNBC TV18

Shruti Mishra, born and raised in India in a Hindu family, is currently the Deputy Editor and an anchor with CNBC TV18. Her work involves various aspects of production, and she presents reports and interviews many eminent personalities, although her age remains unknown.

CNBC TV18 News Channel Overview

CNBC TV18 is one of the leading business news channels in India. It has a team of experienced and knowledgeable anchors who bring you the latest news from the world of business, finance, and markets. With their expertise, they provide viewers with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the economy. From stock market updates to corporate news, CNBC TV18 News Anchor Name List: Male and Female With Photos provide an in-depth look at the financial world.

Launched on October 26, 2011, CNBC TV18’s premium service is the first HD business channel in India. Featuring 24/7 business news and stock market updates, it’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to stay informed.

The channel is presented by Jude Sannith, a renowned Indian journalist, who brings his expertise and insight to the coverage. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, you’ll find the latest news and analysis on CNBC TV18.

The list includes both male and female anchors who have made a name for themselves in the industry. They come from different backgrounds and have unique perspectives on various topics related to business and finance. Some of them are well-known faces while others are relatively new but equally talented. The list includes names such as Sonia Shenoy, Shereen Bhan, Yash Jain, Ritu Singh, and many more. Each anchor brings something special to the table with their knowledge and experience in the field.


Who is CNBC TV18 owned by?

CNBC TV18 is a business and financial news pay television channel in India that is owned by TV18 and NBCUniversal.

Is CNBC TV18 available on OTT?

CNBCTV18 Binge‘ is a video-only OTT platform created by CNBC, the digital business news platform that belongs to Network18 Digital.

Is CNBC TV18 available on YouTube?

CNBC TV18 YouTube.

Where is CNBC TV18 News located?

The office of CNBC TV18 is in Mumbai, its official address is:
“Shree Ram Mill Compound, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Worli, Mumbai-400013”