While the COVID-19 pandemic moved ahead, it has changed the lives of many individuals. Moreover, everyone had to take the COVID-19 vaccine as it’s universally known. To boost immunity ultimately, people had to take two doses of the vaccine. But, the person can get a copy of the certificate only after the first vaccine dose. So, as you read ahead, you can check out the various steps.

Various COVID-19 Vaccines Across The Nation

As individuals got infected due to the virus, doctors came up with a special vaccine. While everything seemed impossible, the experts came up with the vaccines in a short period. So, let’s take a look at the vaccines in detail.

In India, you will come across two vaccines in most places, Covishield and Covaxin. You need to take either of the vaccines to get the COVID-19 certificate. As of now, people consider Covaxin as an inactivated vaccine, and such kinds of vaccines have genetic material that has undergone chemical treatment.

There are eight vaccines available that you can get.

Here is the list of different COVID-19 vaccines available in India:

  • Covishield Vaccine
  • Covaxin vaccine
  • Sputnik V Vaccine
  • Moderna Vaccine
  • Johnson and Johnson Vaccine
  • Corbevax Vaccine
  • Zydus Cadila Vaccine
  • Novawax vaccine

So, with this in mind, people can’t replicate the vaccine, but it can still bring about an immune response. As far as Covishield is concerned, it is an adenovirus vector vaccine. Once someone administers the vaccine, the person will have to cope with flu or mild symptoms related to cold.

Later, with the genetic instructions, the vaccine can produce proteins that can come in contact with the coronavirus. This instance can further help to create an immune response. 

Further, individuals can take booster shots for COVID-19. As per the guidelines, people need to take the new doses post 9 weeks after taking both the COVID-19 vaccines.

The booster dose’s prime objective is to increase the antibodies and take immunity to the next level. But, to be on the safe side, it’s essential for children who have turned 15 years or more as the year 2022 commenced.

The government has started administering such a dose from 10th Jan, 2022. As the vaccination drive continues, the doctors have first thought about administering this vaccine to aged people and front line workers. 

How To Obtain A Copy of The Vaccine Certificate By Using Your Mobile Number?

Here’s how you can move ahead with the Covid vaccine certificate download in pdf format. 

Step 1: Firstly, you need to tap on the web browser and go to Google. A bit later, you need to type ‘covin.gov.in‘ in the search bar and look for the website among the search engine results. 

Vaccine Certificate By Mobile Number
Vaccine Certificate By Mobile Number

Step 2: As soon as the website gets loaded in the web browser, you will see a prompt. Such a prompt will request you to register or sign in for the vaccination. Afterwards, as soon as you enter your mobile number, you need to verify the OTP.

Vaccine Certificate By Mobile Number
Vaccine Certificate By Mobile Number

Step 3: Later, you will receive a message on your mobile phone. You also have to enter the number in the message to verify the OTP.

OTP Verification For Vaccination
OTP Verification For Vaccination

Step 4: As you proceed ahead, the touchscreen will display the vaccination status. For instance, if the nurse has given you the first dose, the status will state that you still have to take the second dose. The status visible on the touchscreen will also state the duration after which the person has to take the second dose. You will be able to observe the difference due to the green and the read tick.

Vaccination Status
Vaccination Status

Step 5: After you click the region below the green tick, you need to click on ‘Show Certificate’. Now, you can either think about downloading the certificate or saving it in the Digilocker app.

Vaccination Certificate Download By Mobile Number
Vaccination Certificate Download By Mobile Number

Step 6: Post clicking, you can save the certificate in pdf format on your smartphone. Way ahead, you can retrieve the digital document and store it on your mobile phone. On the other hand, you can keep the certificate at a secure location on your personal computer. 

How to Download Covid Vaccination Certificate from Aarogya Setu App? 

Step 1: As you unlock your smartphone, you first need to go to the Google Play Store. Later, you have download the Aarogya Setu app and install it on your smartphone.

Step 2: Now, you have to login with the already registered mobile phone number. Soon after that, you have to tap on the ‘Co-Win’ option.

Step 3: After tapping on the appropriate option, you have to enter the beneficiary reference ID of 13 digits. 

Step 4: After a while, you can download the final certificate for Covid 19 vaccination with ease.

How to Download Covid Vaccine Certificate from Umang App?

When you wish to download the vaccination certificate with the help of the Umang app, here’s what you have to follow.

Step 1: Once you switch on your mobile phone, you first have to go to the Google Play Store app. Way ahead, you have to seek the Umang app which you can identify through its icon.

Step 2: As soon as you download the mobile app, you have to install it on your mobile phone.

Step 3: Now, you have to sign up and further tap on the “What’s new” icon. When you navigate the Cowin tab, you have to choose the option, “Download vaccination certificate”.

Step 4: Post following the above step, you must enter your name to download the digital document.

Step 5: You can later preserve this document on your smartphone or the computer. If you’re about to travel to another state or country, then it’s better to take a printout. You need a soft copy of the digital document before you plan to travel by any mode of transport.

Do also make a note that you can move ahead with Covid vaccine certificate download online through the Digilocker app

What Should You Do If You Don’t Have An Aadhaar Card To Register Online?

If you don’t have an Aadhaar card, you should not bother. To register on the Co-Win portal, you can think about another ID proof. It could either be a driving license, PAN card, a pension passbook, an NPR smart card or a Voter’s ID card. But, if you’re a citizen with comorbidity, you can register post confirmation of the present condition.

You have to carry a medical certificate with you and get it verified in those instances. Later, you have to upload the vaccination certificate to the relevant website. If any issues arise while registering online, you can get in touch with the support team through the helpline number, 1075.

As you contact the team, you can seek assistance for the Co-WIN software and the vaccine queries. Besides, you can dial the helpline number when you experience side effects post taking the COVID-19 vaccine. 

What To Do For Downloading The Vaccination Certificate Through Whatsapp?

In addition to the online portal, and numerous apps, you can also download the vaccination certificate through several platforms. Now, scroll ahead for downloading the Cowin vaccination certificate.

Step 1: First and foremost, you need to save the mobile number +91 9013151515 into the list of contacts. 

Step 2: Now, you have to tap on the WhatsApp icon and send a message, ‘Hi’.

Step 3: After you drop the message, you have to wait for the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot to respond automatically. 

Step 4: As you go through the entire response, the chatbot will present many topics on coronavirus. Under the topics, you will see the option, “Download Certificate”. Then, you have to select the second option and reply “2”.

Step 5: Lastly, the chatbot will again display some vaccination options. You further have to type “2” and send it through WhatsApp. This message means that you’re requesting the bot to send across the vaccine certificate from the official website. 

How To Carry On With Covid Vaccine Certificate Download Before A Tour?

Before 2022 commenced, Paytm announced that individuals can download the vaccine certificate from a mini app store. But, before you finalize the itinerary, you need to go through the guidelines for a particular country. 

Through mobile app, you can download the international vaccine certificates and read through relevant information. This is highly helpful for the people travelling across the country. According to Livemint, 32 Lacs slot has been booked till 25th March 2022. Now, let’s glimpse through the steps for using Paytm.

Step 1: As you go through the mini-app store, you need to go to the Paytm app. Now, you will see the option for booking a slot and thereby downloading the certificate.

Step 2: Post tapping, you will see the screen regarding the vaccine slot finder screen.

Step 3: As you scroll down, you will observe a section with the download option.

Step 4: At this moment, you need to enter the registered mobile phone number. Once you receive the OTP on your mobile number, you have to enter it immediately. 

Step 5: Post tapping, you will come across a list of beneficiaries. 

Step 6: For downloading the certificate, you must head over to click on the arrow pointing downwards.

Step 7: Now, you have to link your passport with the option, ‘Link Now’.

Step 8: In the end, you have to enter the DOB passport number and tap on the suitable option that lets you submit a request.

How Can You Verify The Authenticity Of The COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate?

As soon as a person administers the COVID-19 vaccine, you will get a certificate. This certificate will have a QR code to protect it from presenting it differently. In an instance, you can check the authenticity of the vaccination certificate. Here’s a walk through regarding the steps.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to navigate the Cowin site and click on the ‘Verify Certificate’ option. When you view the web page, you will observe the button near the FAQ button.

Step 2: Soon after clicking the ‘Scan OR code’ button, you will receive a notification to turn on your mobile phone’s camera.

Step 3: As you adjust the camera, you can scan the QR code. 

Step 4: Post verification, you will see a message on the computer screen. If the site verifies the certificate successfully, you will see the ‘Certificate Successfully Verified’ message. But, if the certificate is not genuine, you will receive the message, ‘Certificate Invalid’.

Finally, even when you’re finding a secure place to store the provisional certificate for COVID 19 vaccination, then you can think about pinning it to the home screen of the smartphone.

Besides, you also can think about storing the certificate in a secure folder of the mobile phone. If there are many digital documents on the mobile phone, you can keep them on Google Drive.

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You can also use a shortcuts app to create a shortcut of the image on the iPhone. To do this task, you have to go to the shortcuts app, tap on the ‘+’ icon, and tap on Add action. Later, you have to select the documents, open the file and choose the certificate for which you need to create a shortcut.


What should you do when you can’t use the registered mobile phone number?

When you have to download the vaccine certificate, you must remember the mobile number. But, if the mobile phone number is not active, you need to get in touch with the immunization centre. Once you visit the centre, you have to request to update the mobile phone number.

However, you must ensure to repeat the mobile phone number so that the centre updates it correctly into the system. Post visiting the vaccination centre, you can also clear your doubts and any questions you have in your mind.

What kind of benefits can individuals avail using the COVID vaccination certificate?

Once the individuals obtain the COVID-19 certificates, they can benefit through various schemes. As there is less chance for the individuals to get infected, they can travel without any worries. They even can present the vaccination certificate to get a travel passport. This certificate is a mandatory document when seeking to gain entry into another state or fly to a particular destination.

Is it vital for every individual to take the booster dose?

Many questions arise only if certain individuals need the booster dose. But, when there’s a probability of increasing COVID cases due to the Omicron variant, the booster dose is new hope for the citizens.
However, you will not come across any information that the booster dose will lead to any side effects. This news must not make the people fear and doubt the effectiveness of the new booster dose. Sufficient data has yet to be gathered to prove whether the dose impacts immunity. 

Where can you store the certificates when you’re using an iPhone?

When you’re using an iPhone, you can easily add the vaccination records to the Wallet app. But, this feature is only available with iPhone running on iOS 15.1 or later. 
To get the verifiable test result record, you first have to scan the QR code and then tap on the link. Afterwards, you need to tap the ‘Add to Wallet & Health’ option and click on ‘Done’. Soon after that, you have to tap on the ‘Health’ option and then done.