Deepak Chahar, the Indian bowler, couldn’t join the team for the South Africa tour because his father got sick. He felt he had to be with his father instead of playing cricket. 

Chahar said being with his father was more important than playing cricket in South Africa. He felt it was an easy choice to be with his father during a tough time.

Chahar was supposed to play in the T20I and ODI series against South Africa but he stayed back in India. He said his father always comes first for him. He feels everything he achieved is because of his father. 

Chahar explained that if the matches were in India, he could’ve played and been with his father quickly if needed. But going to South Africa takes a few days, so he chose to stay with his father.

Chahar mentioned he wasn’t ready for the Afghanistan series because he hadn’t practiced much. He spent 25 days with his dad in the hospital and could only do some exercises. 

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That’s why he wasn’t prepared for the Afghanistan series. Later, he went to the National Cricket Academy to train and get back in shape. He worked hard for the IPL and the World Cup.