Jo Koy made a funny comment at the Golden Globes about Oppenheimer being based on a fancy book that won a big prize, while Barbie is just about a plastic doll with big features. But Greta Gerwig, the director of Barbie, thought the joke was okay.

When Gerwig talked about the joke on BBC Radio 4 Today, some people said it was sexist or making things too simple. But Gerwig, talking to Martha Kearney, had a different view on Koy’s joke.

When asked about what the comedian said about her movie making lots of money, she had a different way of looking at it. Gerwig stayed calm and polite, even saying he was “right on” about where the story came from.

Gerwig explained, “Well, he’s not wrong. Barbie was the first doll with big breasts that many people could buy, so he was right. The movie is unusual because it’s about a plastic doll.”

She also said that Barbie, a toy her mum worried about when she played with it as a kid, doesn’t have a character or a story from the start. She and her husband, Noah Baumbach, who also helped write the movie, had the freedom to take the story in any direction because Barbie was like a “blank slate.”

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Even though Barbie was one of the top-earning movies of the year, it only got two awards at the Golden Globes 2024, which disappointed the actors and directors. Barbie made a lot of money worldwide, $1.44 billion to be exact. The comedy directed by Gerwig might get many Oscar nominations after getting four Screen Actors Guild Award nods.