If you are looking for a grocery store nearby, you are in the right place to find. One of the best places to start is by finding out where some of the biggest supermarket chains are and how late is the closest grocery store open. For more information, please read our article to find which supermarkets are closest to your location.

Even you can find yourself wondering how late is the closest grocery store open 24 hours in India in your neighborhoods. According to a recent survey, more than half of Indians say they don’t know if their local grocery store is open or closed after it closes at night. It’s possible they get frustrated when you’re hungry, and there’s nothing around for miles. Don’t worry; we’ve come up with some helpful tips for finding out which stores are open in your area and your location so you won’t have to deal with this issue again!

There are so many grocery stores or supermarkets that are open every day, including Sunday. You don’t have to worry if you’re from India and want to know what time the nearest grocery store opens in your area or where you work. Here, we’ve listed all the tips for finding the exact time and name of the grocery store.

What is Grocery Store?

A grocery store is known as a “Kirana Dukan” in India. You can buy all your daily needs for your family or food items as per your daily requirements. Special people buy special items at festivals like Diwali, Holi, or birthday celebrations. A wide variety of items are available at grocery stores, such as soap, oil, food, etc. They are used every day or regularly, depending on the need. 

There is also a wide selection of packaging bags in grocery stores, so people can easily carry items home safely without losing anything. Most people go shopping on weekends or sometimes for an entire month to store items for their families. Also, grocery stores offer online ordering, so you can easily order your items from any grocery store through apps such as Big Bazar, JioMart, BigBasket, Amazon Pantry, Flipkart Grocery, and other delivery apps available.

What Makes Grocery Shopping Safer and More Convenient?

Since you do not need to tell people to go shopping or drive miles away to get your groceries, grocery shopping is more convenient and safer than shopping elsewhere. Also, you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking when shopping from grocery stores. Also, grocery stores offer to buy one get one free on most items because they think people can buy bulk directly from them.

You can also order groceries online from grocery stores based on your needs when you go online shopping. To make a payment, you only need an internet connection, a credit card, Gpay, and internet banking.

We have some tips for you if you struggle to find a grocery store. Find the nearest grocery store on Google Maps and visit that supermarket to save time or money. All you have to do is visit your nearest supermarket and pick up what you need. If you have to go to grocery stores and you have a shop, you can easily compare prices at different supermarkets to find out which supermarket has better deals and can buy accordingly.

Some of the Largest Supermarket in the India

Based on our research, we have compiled a list of all the largest supermarkets in India with their names, locations, established year, and open and closed hours.

Grocery Store NameGrocery Store Located in IndiaFounded YearOpen Time and Close Time
Big Bazaar259 Stores200110AM-10PM
Star Bazar48191510AM-8PM
Reliance Fresh700+200610AM-11PM
Spar Supermarket25193210AM-8PM
Spencer’s Retail650186310AM-11PM
More Retail878200710AM-8PM
Food world197210AM-11PM
Reliance SMART12,711200610AM-11PM

Some Of the Largest Multinational Supermarkets in the USA

Grocery Store NameGrocery Stores Located in USAFounded YearOpen Time and Close Time
The Fresh Market159 (All in US)19828AM-9PM
Hy-Vee240 Retail Store in US19306AM-11PM
Market Basket90 Stores in Four States19177AM-9PM
ALDI2,186 and more19619AM-8PM
Stew Leonard’s6 Store19697AM-9PM
Publix1271 Retail Store19307AM-10PM
Sprouts Farmers Market340 Store in 23 States20027AM-10PM
Wegmans Food Markets106 Store19168AM-7PM
Trader Joe’s557 Store19678AM-9PM

How To Find Nearby Grocery Stores Using Google Maps on Desktop

Google Maps is the best tool for finding grocery stores nearby if you don’t know where to look.

  1. Firstly, you need to open your desktop and any browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer.
  2. After opening the browser, type ” Google Maps ” into the Google search bar.
  3. Open Google Maps, search for a grocery store name or address like “Grocery Store Near Me,” and press enter.
  4. After you find your nearest grocery store, click on it to see all information, such as the opening and closing times, the address, and user ratings.

Google Maps App: How To Find Grocery Stores in Your Phone

If you don’t already have it, Google Maps has an app that will show you which grocery stores are nearby, so open the map, and you’ll see.

Follow our tips to find the nearest grocery store if you don’t know where it is.

  1. Firstly, make sure you have Google Maps on your phone.
  2. Just open the app and type in the box search bar grocery store address or name and press enter button.
  3. Once you have clicked the enter button, you will see many grocery stores, so find your nearest grocery store. If you can’t see it as per a nearby store, click on more buttons.

Which Is The Closest Grocery Store In India That Is Open 24 Hours A Day?

The good news is that if you live near 24SEVEN in India, you can shop anytime since 24SEVEN is open 24 hours. As many grocery stores have time limitations from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., 24SEVEN is open 24 hours a day, including Sunday.  

Some locations or stores may be affected by lockdowns, and they may close because the government limits opening hours. Therefore, you should understand how late is the closest grocery store open. Make sure you know the grocery store’s operating hours if you prefer to shop at a grocery store rather than online.

Using Online Apps To Get Groceries Delivered To Your Home

The grocery store home delivery app is available on various platforms, including Google Play Store and App Store. We have listed some of the best grocery delivery apps you can download to get groceries and other daily necessities delivered to your door. 

Here are some of the best grocery store apps where you can order your basic needs.

  1. Big Basket
  2. Amazon Pantry
  3. Flipkart Pantry
  4. JioMart
  5. Blink IT
  6. Zomato
  7. Swiggy

Final Words

It’s common for people to be in a bind when trying to find out when the grocery store closes. Sometimes you need to know if the grocery store is open and if it’s your only option for getting groceries for the week in a hurry. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the details you need about the grocery store in this article. We hope our blog helped you find the answers you were looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below if you have other questions about grocery stores.