Kadambini Sharma is a 41 years old. She was born in the city of New Delhi in India. Currently, she is working for NDTV India, one of India’s most prominent Hindi news channels. Kadambini is acting as Senior Editor for Foreign Affairs at NDTV News, and her appearances on NDTV India are relatively frequent in ongoing international affairs.

She started working for NDTV India in December 2005 and has been there. Anchor Kadambini Sharma is currently employed with NDTV India. She hosts several shows, including Prime Time and Desh ki Baat.

Biography of Kadambini Sharma

Biography of Kadambini Sharma
Biography of Kadambini Sharma

Kadambini Sharma was born on 7 December 1982 in New Delhi. Kadambini was born into a family with a solid academic foundation. Her late father, Dr Om Prakash Tiwari, had a career in the military until he passed away.

Kadambini Sharma was an exceptionally clever student, a quality she has retained even today. After completing her undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Law at the University of Delhi in India, she continued her education at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom.

Kadambini Sharma hosts show like Desh ki Baat and Prime Time on NDTV India News Channel. She produced a one-off series titled Mission 2014 around the time of the Indian General Elections in 2014 (also known as the Lok Sabha elections in 2014).

Her perspective on political and social issues is highly singular and distinguishable from that of others. Kadambini has the vision of a microscope and can distinguish between public issues and political mush.

Full NameKadambini Sharma
ProfessionNews Anchor/Journalist
Age 41 years
Date of birth7 December 1982
Mother TongueHindi
Birth placeDelhi
Personal Details of Kadambini Sharma

Physical Stats of Kadambini Sharma

Kadambini is gifted with a powerful voice and a very compelling personality, enabling her to capture the audience’s attention instantly.

Height in centimetres165 centimetres
Height in metres1.65m.
Height in feet and inches5 feet 5 inches.
Weight in pounds126 lbs.
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBlack
Physical Stats of Kadambini Sharma

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Early life and Family

Kadambini was born into a humble family in New Delhi. Her father, the late Om Prakash Tiwari, was in the military. She never disclosed much information about her early life and youth.

After completing her studies at the esteemed University of Delhi, she continued her education at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, focusing on economics at a more advanced level.

SchoolNot Known
CollegesUniversity of Delhi
The London School of Economics
Educational QualificationGraduate in Law
Marital StatusMarried
Mother’s NameNot Known
Father’s NameLate Dr Om Prakash Tiwari
Current AddressDelhi, India
Family and Education Details of Kadambini Sharma

Kadambini Sharma Net Worth And Salary

The net worth of Kadambini Sharma is estimated to be $3 million or INR 2.4 crore. It is estimated that Kadambini makes over 24 lakh per annum.

Net Worth in Dollars$3 million
Net Worth in Indian Rupee.INR 24 crore
Kadambini Sharma Net Worth

Kadambini Sharma Married life

Kadambini Sharma is married, but nothing about her relationship, husband, and children. She never discloses whom she dated in her past life.

Favourite Things Of Kadambini Sharma

Kadambini Sharma likes to watch the American TV serial Ally Mcbeal. Kadambini loves travelling and exploring new places; she frequently travels inside and outside India.

Kadambini is an avid reader of books, and her favourite authors are JK Rowling and Mark Twain. In an interview, she revealed that she is a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan. 

Favourite ActressDeepika Padukone
Favourite ActorShahrukh Khan
Favourite AuthorsJ.K. Rowling, Mark Twain
Favourite AnimalN/A
Favourite Things of Kadambini Sharma

Kadambini Sharma Career

Kadambini Sharma is a well-educated journalist with a well-established career. Kadambini attended Delhi University for her legal education and continued her higher education at the London School of Economics.

Since 2005, when she first started working at the popular Hindi news channel NDTV India, Kadambini has already spent 17 years with NDTV. She is an anchor and senior editor for NDTV News, covering domestic and international news.

Kadambini performed a special series titled “Mission2014” around the time of the Indian General Elections in 2014, also known as the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. She is an expert in her field and has 17 years of experience.

Kadambini hosts not one but two distinct programs on NDTV India. Desh ki Baat is a show that Kadambini hosts for the daily news bulletins in which he discusses a variety of political and social subjects and covers every issue currently occurring both inside and outside the country.

In addition to that, she has served as an anchor for the NDTV India YouTube channel, where she discussed important international problems on the NDTV channel hosted on YouTube. In this regard, her critical responsibilities include hosting and deciding the show’s topics.

Kadambini Sharma appears to have a strong command of her oratory talents and possesses an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge regarding various political, social, and international concerns. Kadambini is deeply devoted to her work and highly regarded in her industry.

Kadambini Sharma on International Affairs

Kadambini Sharma is a very well-known news anchor and has an excellent grip on Geopolitical issues. She covered the listed notable international events.

  • Kadambini covered the American quagmire in Afghanistan and the rise of the Taliban. She detailed every potential violation of human rights, women’s rights, and education, as well as the ongoing humanitarian situation after the US troops withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021. After that, the Taliban took power.
  • Kadambini discussed Brexit and the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. She discussed the benefits and drawbacks of this event in detail. Kadambini thoroughly examined the perspective of those who favour Brexit even though it is harmful to the sovereignty of countries and that it leads to immigration from the other 28 members of the European Union who live in other countries in the United Kingdom.
  • Kadambini reported on China’s violations of the human rights of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. She reported that the Chinese communist government is putting members of the Muslim population of Xinjiang into Chinese reeducation centres, where they are also made to perform forced labour.

Social Media Profile



The people following Kadambini respect her perspectives on political corruption, war zones, and social and economic tensions. Every single one of Kadambini’s tweets almost immediately becomes the centre of attention among the audience. She makes an effort to remain impartial in her shows and tweets and makes an effort to bring attention to issues that are important to the public in general.

Facts About Kadambini Sharma

  • Kadambini has a passion for travelling. She enjoys going to new locations and frequently travels throughout India and other countries.
  • Kadambini likes to play the piano. Also, she is known to have an interest in Bharatanatyam.


What is the age of Kadambini Sharma?

Kadambini Sharma is 41 years. She was born on 7 October 1982.

Is Kadambini Sharma on Social media?

Yes, Kadambini is active on Twitter.

Is Kadambini Sharma married?

Kadambini Sharma is married. She never discussed her previous relationships or marriage in any public forum.

Where did Kadambini Sharma receive all of her degrees and diplomas?

After completing her undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Law at the University of Delhi in India, she continued her education at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom.

When did she initially begin working as a journalist?

Kadambini joined NDTV India in 2005. She started her career working as a news anchor for NDTV.

In NDTV News, what capacity does Kadambini play, if any?

Kadambini works as a Senior Editor for Foreign Affairs for NDTV.

How many Children Kadambini Sharma has?

Kadambini Sharma never revealed any information to the public regarding her children. She never addressed them publicly, not even on her social media profiles.