In the modern era, many innovations and solutions are helping professionals work efficiently in every sector. As the healthcare sector embraces new technologies, it is pacing ahead to offer the best health management solution and remote services.

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is always working towards offering assistance to support patients and old individuals who are still coping with some illnesses. Moreover, soon after countries lifted the COVID-19 pandemic, PCNOK cared remotely for health-related issues.

So, as you read ahead, you will learn more about PCNOK, its benefits, and how the network works.

What exactly is a Patient Care Network (PCNOK)?

PCNOK refers to an alliance of community healthcare centers across Oklahoma. It was established in 2014 to provide better access to high-quality healthcare facilities for Oklahomans. Today, it comprises 19 of the 22 healthcare centers serving Oklahoma.

As the centers started working together, they were able to offer the best healthcare facilities through teamwork and creative healthcare approaches. As the entire network takes care of the patients, it transforms the healthcare sector with innovations and unique solutions without compromising medical treatment.

Presently, the Patient Care Network has 25 employees working towards offering world-class healthcare services. The organization also supports group purchasing under numerous contracting interests. Eventually, the network moves ahead to bring transformation for better care and smarter spending.

As the organization paces ahead, its mission is to offer enhanced healthcare and provide smarter spending options. Now, let’s check why patients should consider the services of PCNOK.

Wide Primary HealthCare Medical Homes

PCNOK members operate 125 sites across various urban and rural regions to provide primary healthcare medical services across Oklahoma. Beyond specialty care, medical homes offer mental health treatment and are also involved in diagnostic testing.

Innovations For Advanced Solutions

As far as primary healthcare is concerned, PCNOK members work closely to offer services along with telehealth, health coaches, care teams, and mental health integration. The collaboration among PCNOK members helps develop innovative solutions for better treatment.

Open Access For All Patients

Apart from self-pay patients, PCNOK members accept patients with Medicare and private insurance. After considering 200% of poverty, the organization also offers discounts to patients who pay cash directly after availing of the services. But, before offering a discount, the patient has to meet certain criteria and present proof of how much he is currently earning.

Leadership With Strong Community

As diverse communities collaborate, PCNOK incorporates many social determinants for the wellness of people. People can also be glad about the service level and the integration concepts.

Broad Reach and Impact

PCNOK has always been proud to serve individuals across 77 counties in Oklahoma. As the network has a care model, it manages all life cycles, from prenatal to geriatric care. Besides, the entire network paces ahead with the aim of better care, smarter spending, and bringing in a change to keep people healthy.

How Does Patient Care Network (PCNOK) Work?

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma embraces a technology solution that helps to keep track of the patient’s health remotely. It helps in reducing the chances of admitting patients to the hospital and taking care of them through specialty care visits. Moreover, even when the doctors monitor the patient’s health remotely, they use data-driven strategies. PCNOK ultimately helps to improve overall health outcomes and reduces the expenses of patients’ care considerably.

Apart from everything else, doctors also leverage technology to offer effective treatment to those who have been suffering due to chronic pain or illness. Technology also plays a great role when the patient has to undergo therapy for the long term. In that case, the physicians can check the patient’s overall health at regular and frequent intervals. The network serves as a clinically integrated network and tries to accomplish the prime objectives of healthcare improvement.

Advantages of Patient Care Network (PCNOK)

Whenever the PCNOK leverages the technology, it benefits the healthcare providers and the patients. So, let’s go through the different advantages of availing of the services of PCNOK.

For Patients

The PCNOK technology periodically monitors the patients’ health during the entire treatment. Autonomous technology keeps patients safe in critical situations and helps them during recovery or long-term treatment.

For Family Members

The patient’s family members can rest assured as PCNOK technology helps keep the patient under constant supervision. This aspect drives away the worries from the minds as they know that the doctor monitors the patient’s health condition consistently.

For Healthcare Professionals

As healthcare professionals start tracking patients’ health, the PCNOK technology immediately alerts them when something goes wrong. In those instances, the doctors can be proactive and take the essential steps to mitigate the health problem timely.


With the smart detection feature, the PCNOK can also reduce the chances of taking the patient to an emergency room. Moreover, patients can quickly reach out to the doctor when they seek remote assistance.

PCNOK Member Organizations

Many member organizations work closely under the Patient Care Network. Here’s the list of the member organizations.

  1. Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers, Inc.
  2. Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center
  3. Caring Hands Healthcare Centers, Inc.
  4. Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, Inc.
  5. Community Health Centers of Oklahoma
  6. Community Health Centers of Oklahoma
  7. Family Health Center of East Central Oklahoma
  8. Center for Therapeutic Interventions (CTI)
  9. Good Shepherd Community Clinic
  10. Kiamichi Family Medical Center
  11. Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma
  12. Great Salt Plains Health Center
  13. Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers
  14. NorthCare
  15. Panhandle Counseling and Health Center
  16. Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.
  17. Shortgrass Community Health Center
  18. Stigler Health and Wellness Center, Inc.
  19. South Central Medical and Resource Center
  20. Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc.
  21. Variety Care

Interesting Facts about PCNOK

  1. PCNOK was officially known as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in 2017. It means that doctors from numerous regions unite voluntarily to offer high-quality care to diverse patients.
  2. In 2018, PCNOK was the only ACO that saved money under the Medicare program. While the organization could accomplish the shared savings, the cumulative amount was $8.7 million.
  3. If you observe the market share and the overall growth of the network’s revenue, it’s quite low compared to other organizations.

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To sum everything up, PCNOK has always been able to bring about a transformation in the healthcare sector. While the patients can stay connected to the doctor from a remote location, they can expect remote health monitoring.

The PCNOK program has revolutionized the way people think about healthcare. As the network covers 77 counties in Oklahoma, you can reach out to the nearest member organization.


What is the total revenue of PCNOK?

The Patient Care Network (PCNOK) ’s total revenue is $1.1 million.

How many employees work at PCNOK?

Currently, 25 people are working with PCNOK.

Where is the headquarters of PCNOK located?

The headquarters of PCNOK is in Oklahoma, USA. The office address is 6501 N Broadway Ext Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73116.

Who is the Executive Director at PCNOK?

Brian Carter is known as the Executive Director of PCNOK.

Which industries benefit from PCNOK?

In addition to physicians, industries like clinics and hospitals benefit from PCNOK.