This is the tale of Aditi Agarwal, a YouTuber from Prayagraj, who has achieved a lot, from living in a rented house to making a six-figure income.

In recent years, many young Indian creators have been using YouTube as a platform to showcase their talent, and some of them have gained global recognition, such as Bhuvan Bam from Delhi and Prajakta Koli from Mumbai. Aditi Agarwal, a YouTuber from Prayagraj, is one such creator who has made a significant journey from living in a rented house to earning a six-figure income.

Aditi has worked hard for many years to reach this point where she now has her own apartment and the support of around seven million people. She is also known as Crafter Aditi and has gained fame and success on YouTube due to her remarkable talent.

Who is YouTuber Aditi Agarwal?

Aditi, who is 26 years old, moved from Prayagraj to Lucknow some years ago. She finished her studies at Girls High School in Prayagraj and later earned a degree from Allahabad University. Aditi’s family rented their house for almost 30 years while her father worked in private jobs. In 2021, Aditi bought a home in Lucknow and her family shifted there with her.

How did Aditi’s journey start?

Aditi’s journey started when she was in eighth grade. She always had a creative mind and enjoyed making cards. In class eight, she created a card for Teacher’s Day and was motivated by her teachers’ reactions. In class 11, Aditi got a card order and received Rs 300, which was her first income. Aditi also took the NIFT exam in the 12th grade, but due to financial problems, she couldn’t go to college.

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She Used Social Media to Launch a Business

After finishing 12th grade, Aditi decided to create and sell cards. In 2015, she created a Facebook page called Aditi Card Zone, and the very next day she received an order worth Rs 800. She then started selling cards in Prayagraj and often delivered them herself.

Aditi faced challenges along the way, but she persevered and remained determined. She started her own YouTube channel in 2017 while still in college, uploading videos every day with the help of her older sister. One of her card-making videos for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day went viral and was viewed by over 200,000 people. By 2020, her channel had grown to 260,000 subscribers, up from 100,000 in 2018. Aditi continued to make and sell cards online, creating videos of the process.

Aditi had planned to buy a house before the pandemic struck. In 2020, she bought a two-bedroom apartment in Lucknow, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, she couldn’t move in immediately, as reported by Aaj Tak.

Covid-19 affected Aditi’s channel

When the Corona wave arrived, Aditi’s YouTube channel was also affected and she had to stop making videos. Her number of subscribers decreased from 2.6 lakhs to 2.54 lakhs because people were not watching her content. This made Aditi feel depressed and lonely, but she later went on a trip with her friends. When she returned, she decided to upload videos every day with the help of her mother. One of her videos became very popular and within 15 days, she gained over 10 lakh subscribers.

Aditi now has almost 7 million people subscribed to her YouTube channel. The growth of YouTube changed not only Aditi’s future but also her entire family’s future.