In a tale of family and business triumph, Adwaita Nayar stands alongside her mother, Falguni Nayar, as a beacon of youthful entrepreneurial brilliance. At just 50 years old, Falguni Nayar embarked on a daring journey, leaving behind a flourishing career in investment banking. This decision not only changed her life but also paved the way for her daughter Adwaita’s incredible journey.

Adwaita, a name now synonymous with success, initially pursued a promising career with Bain and Company in the United States. However, destiny had other plans. In 2012, her mother’s entrepreneurial dream beckoned, and Adwaita made the bold choice to step away from her lucrative job to support her mother’s vision.

Their joint venture, Nykaa, an e-commerce platform, started from humble beginnings but has now become a multi-million-dollar empire. As of 2023, Falguni Nayar proudly stands as India’s wealthiest self-made woman, while Adwaita Nayar commands a dynamic division of Nykaa, known as Nykaa Fashion, which focuses on the world of style and trends.

From the hallowed halls of Mumbai’s Dhirubhai Ambani School to the prestigious Yale University, Adwaita’s academic journey was marked by excellence. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, she further honed her skills at Harvard Business School, where she earned her MBA. Adwaita shared in a recent interview that her mathematical acumen played a vital role in problem-solving throughout her career.

In the intricate tapestry of Nykaa’s rise, Adwaita Nayar’s hand is evident. From its nascent stages with a mere 10-member team, she played a pivotal role in its evolution into a powerhouse boasting over 3000 employees. Adwaita’s impact was particularly pronounced in the domains of operations, technology, and marketing, setting the stage for the company’s technological advancement and operational efficiency.

Reflecting on her journey, Adwaita shared on LinkedIn, “The pursuit of feeling the thrill and ownership of a start-up led me home to join my mother in our entrepreneurial venture, Nykaa. As co-founder, I had an incredible opportunity to witness the inception of the company and shape it into a brand that we all love and trust today.”

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Falguni Nayar’s own journey is equally awe-inspiring. Having earned her MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, she commanded the investment banking sector for two decades, eventually ascending to the position of MD at Kotak Mahindra Capital before venturing into entrepreneurship at 49. In a testament to her astute business sense, the first year of Nykaa’s inception saw her net worth surge by an astounding 345 percent, underlining the success of her venture. Nykaa’s current market capitalization stands at a substantial Rs 37,664 crore.

The Nayar duo’s unwavering determination, combined with their business acumen, has not only shaped their personal success stories but also woven a chapter of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs across the country. Their story is a true embodiment of the saying that with vision, determination, and family support, the sky is indeed the limit.