A remarkable journey that started in a small 98-square-foot burger shop has now blossomed into a thriving food chain spanning multiple cities, bringing in a whopping annual revenue of Rs 60 crore. This culinary feat has been achieved by none other than Kabir Jeet Singh, the mastermind behind the fast-food venture known as Burger Singh, which kicked off its flavorful journey back in 2014. This food haven proudly serves mouthwatering burgers, crispy fried chicken, and a variety of delectable dishes.

Burger Singh, a renowned name in the Indian fast food scene, has emerged as a strong contender against big players like McDonald’s and Burger King. It all began with a modest 98-square-foot burger corner that has now transformed into a widespread food chain, raking in an impressive annual revenue of Rs 60 crore. This remarkable feat owes its existence to Kabir Jeet Singh, the brain behind Burger Singh, who initiated this venture in 2014. The menu features not only irresistible burgers and fried chicken but also an array of tempting food options. At the helm of Burger Singh is its co-founder and CEO, Kabir.

Meet Kabir Jeet Singh

Originating from a family with military roots, Kabir Jeet Singh’s parents initially hoped their son would follow the path of the Indian army. At the age of 13, Singh was sent to a residential army public school, where he continued his education until completing Class 12. However, as he advanced and achieved his BBA, Kabir began to realize that the army life might not align with his aspirations. Encouraged by his family’s unwavering support, he dared to chase his dreams without any hindrances.

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Kabir Jeet Singh’s journey took him to the University of Birmingham, where he pursued his MBA. Balancing the demands of being a student in a foreign land, he took on two part-time jobs – one at a pub during night shifts and the other at a burger restaurant during the evenings – to make ends meet. It was during this time that Kabir’s discerning Indian palate recognized a gap in the flavors and spices of the food he consumed. This realization prompted him to experiment with various spices, blending them into the meat before cooking the burger patties. The result was an instant hit among customers, catapulting his “fusion” burgers into the spotlight.

The Rise of “Burger Singh”

These uniquely flavored burgers gained rapid popularity, eventually securing a spot on the weekend menu of his small burger joint. Kabir’s innovation didn’t stop there; he even began selling his creations at university cookouts. It was during this phase that the moniker “Burger Singh” was adopted. Little did he know that this name would one day become synonymous with his flourishing restaurant franchise in India.

In 2014, armed with knowledge gained from his experiences since returning to India in 2008 and learning the intricacies of business operations, Kabir set up his own enterprise in Gurgaon. Initially, he focused on sourcing materials, collaborating with vendors in Panvel, Mumbai, for vegetarian items, and in Hyderabad for non-vegetarian fare. With a budget of Rs. 30 lakh, he inaugurated the first outlet, eventually expanding to include two more stores. Cost-effective rentals at Rs 60,000 and early revenue streams nearing Rs 10 lakh allowed Kabir’s stores to prosper.

An Inspiring Growth Trajectory

According to Mint reports, Burger Singh embarked on its journey with an initial investment of approximately Rs 40 lakh, drawing support from a range of investors. The financial year 2023 saw a remarkable leap in revenue, soaring from Rs 29.1 crore to an impressive Rs 57.92 crore. With an extensive presence across more than 50 cities, boasting over 100 locations, Kabir’s Burger Singh has now ascended to become the nation’s third most favored burger delivery destination.

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Kabir Jeet Singh’s tenacious pursuit of his culinary dreams, from modest beginnings to nationwide recognition, showcases the power of determination and innovation. Burger Singh’s savory success story is a testament to the flavors, hard work, and ingenuity that have combined to craft this enticing fast food empire.