Amit Jain, the CEO of CarDekho, is fortunate to have Ratan Tata as his mentor.

Amit Jain, the CEO of CarDekho and a former Shark Tank India 2 participant, revealed that he and his brother lost Rs 1.5 crore while trading in the share market, which caused them to go bankrupt. Despite this setback, they did not give up and started again.

During an interview with Indian Express, Amit Jain stated that they had lost over ₹1.5 crores on shares and were bankrupt, but despite the significant loss, they were confident in their abilities to rebuild their business. “We knew that we have hands and brains, so we will build it up again,” he said.

CarDekho’s CEO, Amit Jain, is fortunate to have former Tata Sons chairman Ratan Tata as his mentor. In December 2022, Jain expressed his admiration for Tata on LinkedIn by sharing a lengthy post on the occasion of Tata’s 85th birthday, calling him a lifelong inspiration and mentor.

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In a post on LinkedIn dedicated to Ratan Tata on his 85th birthday, Amit Jain, the CEO of CarDekho, praised the former Tata Sons chairman as his lifelong idol and mentor. Amit Jain confirmed that Ratan Tata is indeed humble, composed, knowledgeable, and an eager listener. In 2015, Ratan Tata became a mentor to CarDekho as they aimed to grow the company into a unicorn. Amit Jain added that Ratan Tata’s decades of experience in the automobile sector, incredible insights, and warm demeanor made him the best mentor they could have hoped for.

Amit Jain added that having a mentor can bring out more talent and ability than one sees in oneself, and can provide both support and motivation to achieve one’s best. He cited his own experience as a small-town entrepreneur from Jaipur who met Ratan Tata and saw his life change for the better.

Who is Amit Jain?

Amit Jain, 46, is the CEO and co-founder of CarDekho, a popular car search company, which he launched in 2008. He was born on November 12, 1977, and completed his schooling at St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur, before studying at IIT Delhi.

As of October 2021, CarDekho was valued at USD 1.2 billion. Amit Jain’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 2,900 crore, according to Times of India.