In January 2017, Arunabh Sinha established UClean in Delhi NCR. Later that year, by the end of 2017, UClean expanded by offering franchises in Hyderabad and Pune. Currently, UClean has over 350 stores located in 104 cities throughout the country.

Today, we will introduce you to Arunabh Sinha, the founder of UClean, who is among the many entrepreneurs who have identified market problems and found solutions to them. Arunabh Sinha has transformed the laundry business into a multi-crore enterprise.

Arunabh Sinha, an alumnus of IIT Bombay, established UClean in Delhi in October 2016. UClean has since become one of the largest chains of laundromats in India, with a presence in over 100 cities. Arunabh Sinha was born in Jamshedpur and grew up in an average, lower-middle-class family. His father worked as a tutor, while his mother was a homemaker. After completing his Master’s in Metallurgy and Materials Science from IIT Bombay, Arunabh Sinha worked as an analytical associate in the Pune office of a US-based company, starting in 2008.

In 2011, Arunabh Sinha established Franglobal, a business consulting firm focused on helping foreign brands enter the Indian market. He eventually sold the company to Franchise India. In 2015, Arunabh Sinha entered the hospitality sector and was appointed as the Director of North India for Treebo Hotels.

During his time in the hospitality industry, Arunabh Sinha recognized that one of the most common complaints from guests was regarding dirty clothing, stained bedding, and other laundry-related concerns.

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This realization prompted Arunabh Sinha to establish UClean. After conducting thorough market research, he launched UClean in Delhi NCR in January 2017. By the end of the same year, UClean began offering franchises in Hyderabad and Pune. Today, UClean has over 350 stores in 104 cities across India. UClean has also expanded its operations to Bangladesh and Nepal and plans to further expand its presence in Africa and the Middle East.

UClean generates its revenue through franchise fees and a monthly royalty that amounts to 7 percent of the franchise’s earnings.

According to Arunabh Sinha, one of the standout features of UClean is that laundry is priced per kilogram.

UClean has announced that all of its stores will be plastic-free by the end of March 2023. The company is utilizing corn-based packaging as an alternative to plastic, and metal baskets have replaced plastic baskets, which is another unique selling point of UClean.