A man in Mumbai, India, selling tea from his luxurious Audi car has gained immense popularity on the social media platform.

Indians have taken their love for chai (tea) to extraordinary levels. They cannot fathom a day without savoring a cup of tea in the morning or evening, whether it’s at home or a visit to the local tea stall. What’s fascinating is the increasing prevalence and success of chai shops, ranging from humble eateries to upscale establishments. However, have you ever heard of an Audi chaiwala?

We’ve all heard about the MBA Chaiwala and Graduate Chaiwali, but now it’s time for the ‘Audi Chaiwala’ to gain some recognition for his tea-selling venture. A video capturing a man in Mumbai selling tea from his luxurious Audi car has taken the social media platform by storm. Amit Kashyap and Mannu Sharma are the brains behind this innovative tea-selling concept.

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In the viral video, Mannu Sharma, the co-founder of “On Drive Tea,” is spotted cruising down the Lokhandwala backroad in his lavish white Audi. He ingeniously transforms his car’s dickey into a tea stand, where he brews fresh tea in a container. A crowd of eager customers gathers around the mobile stall, craving a cup of his flavorful tea.

The video was uploaded by an Instagram account with the handle @sachkadwahai. Since its posting, the video has garnered over 32,000 likes. Instagram users have flooded the comment section with their reactions to this innovative concept.