Jajodia embarked on his cricketing journey in the 1950s when he developed a deep passion for the sport during his time at Bishop Cotton School in Bangalore.

In recent years, the acquisition of renowned British companies by Indian entrepreneurs has sparked considerable discussion. Although the acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover by Tata has received significant media attention, this trend is not a novel occurrence. Over time, numerous entrepreneurs of Indian origin have established thriving businesses in Britain, blending their pursuit of financial success with their personal interests.

Dilip Jajodia, a prominent figure in British trade, industry, and commerce, stands out as an exemplary entrepreneur. At 79 years old, Jajodia has skillfully integrated his passion for cricket with a winning entrepreneurial approach centered around heritage, quality, and evolution.

Jajodia’s path commenced during the 1950s when his love for cricket blossomed while studying at Bishop Cotton School in Bangalore. In 1962, he ventured to England to further his education and eventually achieved success as a chartered insurance practitioner and pension fund manager. Then, in 1987, Jajodia acquired the esteemed Dukes company, founded in 1760 in the Tonbridge region of Kent.

The business owned by the Jajodia family is renowned for its production of Dukes cricket balls, which have been utilized in Ashes matches and various international games for centuries. Presently, the company provides a comprehensive range of cricket equipment that is favored by esteemed players worldwide, including Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, and MS Dhoni.

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Furthermore, while the SG balls are utilized for playing the red-ball format in India, the upcoming WTC final will feature the use of Dukes balls.

In the highly anticipated WTC final, Rohit Sharma has taken on the leadership role for Team India, while Virat Kohli is expected to play a crucial part in the pivotal match.

Originating from a business family with ancestral ties to the Marwar region of Rajasthan, Jajodia enjoyed the privilege of a comfortable upbringing. He embarked on his educational journey in England, where his father had established business connections. Notably, his father had previously supplied uniforms to the British Indian Army.

Arriving in London with a modest sum of 5 pounds, Jajodia received a warm welcome from his family and friends. However, he swiftly set out on a path to forge his own independent identity. Following his early years in the insurance sector, he acquired Morrant, a company, in 1973. Presently, Morrant stands as a prominent manufacturer of cricket equipment, producing notable products such as the ultralight pads favored by esteemed cricketers.

Jajodia’s visionary thinking gave birth to the concept of customized wicket-keeping pads, specifically tailored to meet Dhoni’s preferences. These pads have been modified to remove the above-the-knee flap, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

Both of Jajodia’s key enterprises, Morrant and Dukes, enjoy a prominent stance in the cricket equipment industry. In addition to their cricket offerings, they also supply equipment for hockey and rugby. Jajodia’s primary focus remains on the Dukes cricket ball, where he personally oversees the preparation of the polish and ensures its quality through careful selection of the finest raw materials available.