Riti Nema, an alumnus of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, achieved a placement package that exceeded even the highest one offered at IIM Indore for the year.

Originating from Bhopal, Riti Nema shattered all previous university and city records during the recent placement season. Nema, a Computer Science graduate from the Institute of Engineering and Technology at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, created a sensation by securing the highest placement package ever witnessed at DAVV.

Riti went above and beyond the highest package offered at IIM Indore for the year. She secured a remarkable salary of INR 57 lakh from the Australian software company Atlassian. This amount exceeded the highest IIM Indore package of INR 49 lakh by approximately INR 8 lakh, as reported.

In order to secure the placement package, Riti initiated her preparation as soon as she became aware of the placement process. This was during her fourth semester. Her strategy involved watching YouTube videos to familiarize herself with the interview levels and procedures. Riti diligently prepared for every potential question, boosting her confidence to face the interview panel by conducting mock interviews with her friends.

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During her interview, Riti successfully navigated three rounds of online selection. According to reports, the first round evaluated the applicants’ coding skills, the second round focused on system design, and the third round assessed management value. Riti excelled in all three rounds, ultimately securing the highest-ever pay package among 405 DAVV students who received offers from over 700 companies in the 2021-22 placement season.

Riti comes from a family with a healthcare background; her father works in the healthcare sector. She is the youngest of three sisters, with her elder siblings pursuing careers as a software engineer and a fashion designer. Riti, known for her academic brilliance, nurtured her dream of becoming an engineer from an early age. She achieved remarkable accomplishments such as winning a gold medal in the Maths Olympiad and emerging victorious in a Rubik’s Cube competition at the school level. As per her LinkedIn profile, Riti is currently employed as a Software Engineer at Atlassian.