Biswanath Patnaik is a former banker who transitioned into entrepreneurship after working in multiple financial institutions.

Biswanath Patnaik, founder, and chairman of FinNest Group, a private equity investment firm, will make the largest ever foreign temple donation by an Indian industrialist of Rs 250 crore to a UK temple.

On April 23, the Chairperson of Shree Jagannath Society in the UK, Dr. Sahdev Swain, and the Managing Director of Finest Group, Arun Kar, announced the pledge of Rs 250 crore by Biswanath Patnaik for the UK temple.

Arun Kar, the Managing Director of FinNest Group, revealed that the company has pledged Rs 70 crore to the temple authorities for purchasing 15 acres of land for temple construction.

Who is Biswanath Patnaik?

Biswanath Patnaik worked in financial institutions before becoming an entrepreneur in 2009. He opened several companies in India and acquired two other companies, one of them an RBI-licensed company and the other a BSE-listed company, which he ran until 2014, according to an interview.

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Biswanath Patnaik generously supports charitable causes, including education initiatives for underprivileged young girls. He has taken on the responsibility of educating 500 such girls and has also contributed to various charitable activities in India and UNESCO.

Biswanath Patnaik has diversified investments across various sectors including healthcare, fintech, retail, green solar renewable energy, and gold refinery and bullion trading in Dubai. He holds an MBA, LLB, and a BA in economics.

Biswanath Patnaik holds degrees in MBA, LLB, and economics.