Introducing Russell Mehta, the father of Shloka Mehta, whose net worth is significant but pales in comparison to his ‘samdhi,’ Mukesh Ambani.

Russell Mehta, the father of Shloka Mehta, became the father-in-law of Akash Ambani, the elder son of billionaire Mukesh Ambani, after his marriage in 2019.

In 2019, businesswoman Shloka Mehta married Akash Ambani, becoming the ‘badi bahu’ of Mumbai’s close-knit billionaire family. While we know much about the Ambanis, Shloka’s father Russell Mehta also leads a successful multi-billion dollar firm.

Who is Russell Mehta?

Russell Mehta, the father of Shloka Mehta, is among the country’s most accomplished businessmen, owning the Indian conglomerate Rosy Blue worth thousands of crores. While he serves as managing director, Shloka also plays a role as a director within the company.

Russell Mehta is a prominent Indian entrepreneur, serving as the managing director of Rosy Blue India, the Indian arm of a diverse conglomerate with industries spanning retail, media, real estate, financial services, and diamonds. The group generates significant revenue.

Russell Mehta is wedded to Mona Mehta and has three children: Viraj Mehta, Diya Mehta, and Shloka Mehta. In 2012, his son Viraj tied the knot with Nisha Sheth, the daughter of Bharat Sheth from the Great Eastern Shipping family.

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In 2017, Diya Mehta, Russell Mehta’s youngest daughter, tied the knot with Ayush Jatia in a grand ceremony held in Bahrain. The groom, Ayush Jatia, is the son of Amit Jatia, who owns all McDonald’s franchises in South and West India.

Shloka Mehta, Russell Mehta’s daughter, tied the knot with Akash Ambani, the son of Indian billionaire and richest person in the country, Mukesh Ambani. As a result, Russell Mehta is the father-in-law of Akash Ambani and the samdhi of Mukesh Ambani.

As the head of Rosy Blue India, the leading diamond company in the country, Russell Mehta oversaw a revenue of Rs 5599 crore in the 2022 financial year. Although his net worth of Rs 1,844 crore is significant, it pales in comparison to his samdhi Mukesh Ambani, who boasts a net worth of Rs 8,450 crore.