Tamil actor Chinni Jayanth, also known as Krishnamurthy Narayanan, is beaming with pride as his son, Shrutanjaya Narayanan, secured a spot in the top 100 ranks of the UPSC results. Shrutanjaya’s achievement is especially remarkable as he has chosen a different career path despite his father’s success in the film industry.

During his time in high school and college, Shrutanjaya, the son of Chinni Jayanth, showed a penchant for performing in plays and other events alongside his friends. While many parents hope their children will follow in their footsteps, Shrutanjaya’s journey reminds us that as kids grow up, they discover their own passions and directions. Notably, in a world where the children of famous actors often end up in the film industry, Shrutanjaya has defied expectations and crafted his own identity outside of that realm.

Shrutanjaya Narayanan, now known as IAS Officer Shrutanjaya Narayanan, has achieved the impressive feat of securing the 75th rank in the UPSC exam of 2015, on his second attempt. Beyond his achievement in the exams, Shrutanjaya is described as an enthusiastic and positive individual. He attributes his success to the unwavering support he received from his instructors, family, and friends during his preparation, even while juggling a startup job.

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Shrutanjaya’s journey to success involved dedicated self-study of 4-5 hours daily while working in a startup during the day and night shifts. As the exam drew nearer, he amped up his efforts, dedicating 10 to 12 hours to studying each day. Notably, he paid equal attention to his well-being, incorporating yoga, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep into his routine.

When asked about his interview strategy, Shrutanjaya advises candidates to make a lasting impression within the given 20 minutes. His elective choice of Sociology and a keen interest in geography aided his preparations. Shrutanjaya Narayanan’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing how determination, individuality, and a balanced approach can lead to success on one’s chosen path.