In a remarkable feat, Damini Diwakar has conquered the challenges of the UPSC CSE 2022 on her fifth endeavor, securing an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 435. The UPSC exam stands as one of the most formidable trials on the path to becoming an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer. To overcome this test, individuals dedicate countless hours of diligent study. Year after year, a multitude of aspirants strive to take on the UPSC examination, aspiring to attain positions such as IAS, IFS, and IPS officers. However, only a select few manage to triumph over this highly competitive examination, comprising three essential segments: the preliminary exam, the main exam, and the interview phase.

Among these aspirants, there are those who achieve success in their second or third attempts, while others taste victory after persisting through several trials. Today, we highlight the inspirational voyage of IRS aspirant Damini Diwakar, who, against all odds, triumphed in her fifth attempt at the UPSC examination.

Originating from a modest town in Madhya Pradesh, Damini Diwakar secured victory in the UPSC CSE 2022 on her fifth try. Her journey was marked by a significant hurdle; she lost her father at the tender age of three, leaving her upbringing to her mother’s care. This resilient mother became her unwavering support, not only for Damini but also for her younger sister, together surmounted every obstacle in their path.

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Damini’s outstanding achievement landed her at the 435th position in the overall rankings, placing her firmly on the path to becoming an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer specializing in Customs and Indirect Taxes (C&IT). Her aspiration to serve as a civil servant blossomed during her college years. Engaging in various counseling sessions within her institution, she encountered fellow civil servants who generously shared their tales of struggle and triumph. These impactful stories fueled Damini’s determination to contribute to the nation’s progress by joining the civil services.

Her journey commenced with numerous attempts, each bolstering her resolve. After persistent dedication, Damini finally emerged victorious, securing the coveted AIR 435 position. Opting for psychology as her optional subject, Damini chose to explore a subject that had long held her fascination, providing her with the opportunity to broaden her horizons.

Remarkably, Damini’s success was accomplished without formal coaching, according to Indian Masterminds. Relying on foundational study materials and the guidance of mentors and seniors, she attests to the vital role of advice from those who have traversed this path before. This wisdom, she believes, played a pivotal role in her accomplishments, guiding her toward the ultimate triumph in the UPSC examination.