Due to its owner’s habit of leaving alcoholic drinks out before going to sleep, Coco, the Labrador dog, became addicted to alcohol.

Coco, a Labrador cross who is two years old, along with another dog, was brought to Woodside Animal Rescue Trust in Plympton, Devon, UK after their owner passed away. Unfortunately, the other dog died due to fits, and Coco showed signs of alcohol withdrawal and also experienced fits.

According to a report by Newsweek, veterinarians at Woodside Animal Rescue Trust in Plympton, Devon, UK were surprised to witness a canine experiencing alcohol withdrawal, which they described as a first for them. It was later found out that Coco’s owner had a habit of leaving his drink out before going to bed, which contributed to Coco’s addiction to alcohol. Coco, a two-year-old Labrador cross, was taken to the rescue center along with another dog after their owner passed away. Unfortunately, the other dog died from fits, while Coco showed signs of alcohol withdrawal and had fits as well.

In a Facebook post, the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust detailed how they found a new home for Coco, a two-year-old Labrador cross who had gone through alcohol withdrawal. The post mentioned that Coco had been with them for more than a month and required intensive care since arriving. The post also shared how Coco’s tragic story highlights the importance of their special care unit. The trust added that this was the first time they had witnessed a canine undergoing alcohol withdrawal.

The Facebook post from Woodside Animal Welfare Trust stated that Coco’s condition continued to deteriorate and he needed constant attention. The symptoms he displayed indicated that he was going through alcohol withdrawal. For four weeks, he was given sedatives to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and prevent additional seizures.

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The Trust also mentioned that although Coco has recovered physically and is off all medication, he is still not ready for adoption. They explained that he still experiences anxiety at times, and they will continue to provide him with the necessary care and support until he is ready to be placed in a new home.

The adoption page for Coco on the Trust’s website states that he is in search of an experienced home with a stable routine and plenty of attention. Coco is a very affectionate dog who enjoys playing with balls. The Trust is currently assessing him with other dogs, but he is not suitable for homes with cats. He is suitable for families with children aged 10 or older. Coco must be adopted within the Plymouth area to enable the Trust to stay informed about his development.