Dr. Syed Sabahat Azim has revolutionized rural healthcare through Glocal Healthcare, a company worth crores.

Dr. Syed Sabahat Azim is a medical expert and social entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. He left his position as a 2000-batch IAS officer to establish Glocal Healthcare Systems in 2010. Dr. Azim received his training from IIM Ahmedabad in a range of subjects, including self-help group training, infrastructure, and financing. He has also served in high-ranking positions, such as Secretary to the Chief Minister of Tripura.

After his father passed away during surgery at a private hospital in Kolkata, Dr Syed Sabahat Azim was motivated to become an entrepreneur. He realized that if such a tragedy could happen to his father due to a lack of medical facilities, it could happen to any citizen of India. As a result, he resigned from his position as an IAS officer to establish Glocal Healthcare Systems (GHS) with the aim of offering greater access to quality healthcare services to underserved areas by setting up hospitals in small towns and villages.

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Dr. Azim spends the majority of his time in Kolkata and other areas of West Bengal. He started GHS with a small health center of 30 beds in a village. Since opening the first Glocal hospital in Sonamukhi, Bankura, his hospital chain has expanded, and he now has a presence in various districts of West Bengal, including Birbhum, Bankura, Murshidabad, Burdwan, Darjeeling, and Nadia.

Dr. Azim, a social entrepreneur, and former IAS officer, has been recognized for his exceptional efforts in delivering affordable healthcare to India’s rural communities. In 2020, the Schwab Foundation for Social Enterprise at the World Economic Forum named him Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Dr. Azim emphasizes that our many identities are not significant, but rather the work we do in life is what truly matters.