Sunny has two wives, Roop Rajput, and Mansi Rajput. He faced criticism for sharing videos of both of his wives on his verified Instagram account.

Sunny Rajput, a YouTuber with two wives, has gained attention on social media, similar to Armaan Malik. Sunny is known for his personal life and his videos, which are popular on social media, particularly on YouTube. He has two wives, Roop Rajput, and Mansi Rajput, and recently faced criticism for posting videos of them on his official Instagram account.

Who is Sunny Rajput?

Sunny Rajput is a popular digital content creator and family entertainer who runs the Sunny Family YouTube channel with 227,000 subscribers. He has a following of 216,000 on Instagram, and both of his wives, Roop and Mansi, have thousands of followers on social media as well. Sunny’s daily vlogs about his life frequently go viral on the internet.

Watch this clip to know more about Sunny Rajput and his wives:

Sunny Rajput, a popular YouTube personality, has another channel called @SunnyRajput with 5,000 subscribers. On this channel, he shares videos of his daily life and family, which have gained popularity on the internet.

Similarly, YouTuber Armaan Malik is also known for his unusual family life, as he has two wives. Armaan frequently shares vlogs of his family, which have garnered millions of views. Currently, both of Armaan’s wives, Payal and Kritika Malik, are pregnant. Payal is expecting twins, while Kritika is expecting a single child.

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Recently, Armaan Malik’s family made headlines when his two pregnant wives were involved in a car accident. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries, and both the wives and their unborn children are safe. You can watch the video clip of the incident here: