Preeti Hooda’s inspiring success story is a testament to her perseverance and determination. Despite facing financial difficulties, she pursued her dream of becoming an IAS officer and achieved it.

As the UPSC exam draws near in May, aspirants are giving their all to prepare for one of the toughest exams in India. To guide their exam preparation, ambitious candidates preparing for the UPSC prelims in 2023 are analyzing the success stories of IAS and IPS officers. This is the success story of IAS Preeti Hooda, who faced financial hardships but overcame all obstacles to fulfill her dream of joining IAS.

Who is IAS Preeti Hooda?

Preeti Hooda hails from Bahadurgarh, Haryana, and her father was a bus driver for the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). Despite facing financial constraints, Preeti had a well-thought-out strategy for UPSC preparation and opted to study in Hindi, selecting it as her elective as well. Although her initial attempt at the UPSC exam failed, Preeti remained determined and took the exam again, ultimately passing it in 2017 with an All India Rank of 288.

Preeti has always been an exceptional student, scoring 77% in her class 10 exam and 87% in her class 12 exam. Despite her family’s financial struggles, her parents suggested she discontinue her studies and get married, but Preeti persisted and graduated from Laxmi Bai College with a degree in Hindi. Preeti went on to pursue a Ph.D. in Hindi at the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

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During her formative years, IAS Preeti had no interest in entering government service, but her father wanted her to become an IAS officer. She first learned about the UPSC exam while studying at JNU and began preparing for it after completing her M.Phil. For her UPSC preparation, Preeti had a well-planned strategy and opted to study in Hindi and selected Hindi as an elective. Despite her first attempt being unsuccessful, she persisted and eventually passed the UPSC exam in 2017, securing a 288 All-Indian Rank.

IAS Preeti Hooda’s UPSC preparation strategy

Preeti Hooda adopted a fresh and enjoyable approach to prepare for the UPSC exam. According to her, studying should be thoughtful and directed, rather than prolonged for 10 hours. She believes that having fun is as important as preparation. Instead of reading numerous books, one should confidently go through the syllabus and revise regularly.