The trending video of 74-year-old selling handkerchiefs at a Mumbai station has inspired many on social media.

Many individuals contemplate taking a hiatus from their jobs or simply taking a short break from their hectic schedules. However, a man in Mumbai, aged 74, has distinctive aspirations for his retirement. Hasan Ali, who resigned over ten years ago, still harbors a passion for work. Discover the inspiring story of Hasan, a handkerchief seller at Mumbai’s Borivali station.

Hasan’s story was shared on the Humans of Bombay Instagram page, where he revealed that he had previously worked as a salesperson in a shoe store and had mastered the art of persuasion. He explained that selling requires the ability to understand what the customer wants without them having to say it, and to provide exactly that. “I have learned to do this over the years. I can tell what a person would like just by looking at them, and that’s what I do today as well,” he said.

Hasan has been selling handkerchiefs for 17 years now, and despite his family’s constant urging to take a break and enjoy his retirement, he persists. “I have a beautiful wife, a son, a daughter-in-law, and a granddaughter as my family members. They are all just perfect. They keep asking me, ‘How much work will you do, Abba?'” he shared.

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Hasan expressed that he intends to continue working to avoid being bedridden, and he is fondly referred to as “Kaka” by his loyal customers. He travels by bus every day from his home to the Borivali station to sell handkerchiefs, and he has built a strong bond with his clients over the years. “My clients love me, and I love them just the same,” he said.

His story touched many people on social media, and the viral video inspired them greatly. A user shared their thoughts, “I was complaining about my life and how things haven’t been going well for me lately, but then I stumbled upon this video. It’s truly humbling to see how thankful and satisfied some people are even with very little. There’s so much to learn from him.”

Another person admired his determination and wrote, “In just a few seconds, he conveyed such wise words that even an entire book could not do justice. It gave me goosebumps. I salute his strength and determination.”