Delhi-born Anupama Anjali has achieved an impressive feat by cracking the challenging UPSC exam, making her mark in civil services. The UPSC test, considered one of India’s toughest, draws millions of aspirants, but only a select few with unwavering determination manage to succeed in all three rounds.

Anupama’s journey began after completing her mechanical engineering degree when she decided to pursue a government career. However, her initial attempt at the UPSC test ended in failure. Undeterred, she persevered and doubled her efforts to prepare for a second try. Her father, an experienced IPS officer with 37 years of government service, played a vital role in supporting and guiding her throughout the preparation process.

Anupama Anjali shared her UPSC strategy, emphasizing the importance of a thorough understanding of the syllabus and compiling a comprehensive reading list. She advised against distractions and social gatherings, believing that focused studying is key to success.

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In 2017, Anupama’s hard work paid off, as she secured the 386th rank in the UPSC exam, earning the prestigious title of IAS officer. After completing her training at LBSNAA, she was allotted the Andhra Pradesh cadre and served as a Joint Collector in Guntur district. Subsequently, she married Harshit Kumar, also an IAS officer, following both North Indian and South Indian traditions.

The couple’s wedding pictures garnered much attention on social media, delighting users. As per the customs, Anupama was assigned to the Haryana cadre after her marriage, and she currently holds the position of ADC in Bhiwani.

Anupama Anjali’s success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring civil servants across India, proving that with unwavering determination and dedication, dreams can be turned into reality.