Millions of eager candidates are presently preparing for one of India’s most gruelling assessments, the UPSC prelims exam of 2023. This daunting evaluation, set to occur in May, holds the key to their ambitions of achieving success in the civil service. An aspirant’s selection hinges upon their performance in the personal interview, administered after their successful completion of the UPSC Mains and the preliminary examination in 2023.

The aspirations of millions of candidates who are preparing for the Civil Service Exam are often fueled by the inspiring stories of those who have succeeded before them. Among these success stories is that of IAS Nirish Rajput, who overcame significant adversity, including betrayal by a close acquaintance, to pass the UPSC exam.

Who is IAS Nirish Rajput?

Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, Nirish spent his formative years in a household facing financial constraints. Reports indicate that his father, a skilled tailor, resorted to borrowing money at times to make ends meet. It was the plight of his family that spurred Nirish’s determination to clear the UPSC exam.

Due to his family’s financial limitations, IAS Nirish received his education from a government school. As per a Zee News report, he later moved from his village to Gwalior and secured employment while pursuing his BSc and MSc degrees. However, his financial constraints often left him unable to afford study materials, including the notes necessary for exam preparation.

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As per reports, Nirish resorted to selling newspapers to finance his education. However, despite these challenges, he excelled in both his BSc and MSc degrees.

Friend’s betrayal

During his UPSC preparation, Nirish started working at a coaching centre founded by a close friend who also gave him a teaching role. However, his friend dismissed him from the coaching centre after two years of service. Following this setback, Nirish journeyed to Delhi with the hope of turning his fortunes around.

Prepared for UPSC from borrowed notes

While in the capital, Nirish borrowed funds from a friend and continued his self-study as he couldn’t afford coaching fees. According to sources, he had failed the exam three times before eventually passing the UPSC CSE with an impressive all-India rank of 370, thanks to his unyielding determination and unwavering willpower.