Joy Alukkas, a billionaire, ventured to the Middle East to establish the family’s first overseas jewellery store in Abu Dhabi in 1987. Today, Joyalukkas has 84 outlets in India and 43 stores located overseas. John Paul, his son, is the Managing Director of the international jewellery business, and his wife, Jolly Joy, is in charge of the Joyalukkas Foundation.

Joy Alukkas’ Journey and Career

In 2000, the five sons of Alukkas Varghese – The founder of Alukkas Jewellery, decided to split their family’s jewellery business. Alukkas Varghese started the gold business in 1956 in Thrissur, Kerala with a small 200 square feet retail store. It later grew to 11 retail showrooms by the time the family split.

The five sons of Alukkas Varghese – Joy, Jos, Francis, Paul, and Anto – played an important role in expanding their father’s business.

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Joy Alukkas’ education

In 1976, Joy Alukkas joined his family’s jewellery business after graduating from St. Thomas College in Thrissur. Over the course of a decade, he learned important entrepreneurial skills before deciding to open a jewellery store in the UAE. Apart from jewellery, he has diversified his business interests to include money exchange outfits, malls, and real estate.

Joy Alukkas’ net worth

According to Forbes, Joy Alukkas has a net worth of $2.8 billion.