Akshita, an IAS officer, began her preparations for the UPSC exam during her third year and dedicated all her free time to studying for it.

Millions of Indians aspire to crack the UPSC exam and become an IAS officer. However, this prestigious exam is widely recognized as one of the toughest in India. Every year, hundreds of thousands of aspirants from various regions across the country participate in the UPSC exam. Unfortunately, only a select few hundred manage to succeed in cracking the exam and fulfill their dream of becoming an IAS officer. In this article, we will discuss the inspiring journey of Dr. Akshita Gupta, who accomplished the remarkable feat of clearing the UPSC exam on her very first attempt.

Dr. Akshita Gupta, an IAS officer, comes from Chandigarh. Her father, Pawan Gupta, serves as the Principal at a Senior Secondary School in Panchkula. Meanwhile, her mother, Meena Gupta, is a Mathematics lecturer at a Government Senior Secondary School. Notably, while preparing for the UPSC exam, Dr. Akshita was working as a doctor in a hospital. She achieved a remarkable feat by clearing the UPSC exam on her first attempt in 2020 and securing an All India Rank of 69.

IAS officer Akshita began her UPSC exam preparation during her third year, dedicating all her spare time to studying for the exam. As a medical student, she opted for Medical Science as her optional subject in the Mains examination. Dr. Akshita Gupta diligently revised all her medical books as part of her UPSC exam preparation. Despite working 14-hour shifts at the hospital, she utilized the 15-minute breaks in her schedule to study for the UPSC exam.

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Akshita Gupta devised an excellent strategy to address her weak areas during her preparation. “I took my medicine books and selectively removed the pages relevant to the UPSC syllabus. Although it was difficult to tear apart my books, I knew it was necessary for my preparation. I stapled the extracted pages together, organizing them into chapters, so I didn’t have to create notes for every single topic. This approach allowed me to focus specifically on the medical science optional,” shared IAS officer Akshita Gupta during an interview.

Dr. Akshita Gupta, the IAS officer, maintains an active presence on social media. She can be found on Twitter with the handle @akshitaguptaIAS and on Instagram with the handle @14akshita. On Twitter, Dr. Akshita Gupta has amassed over 18k followers, while on Instagram, she has around 23k followers. In addition to her professional pursuits, IAS officer Dr. Akshita Gupta has a passion for photography.