IAS officer Ramesh Gholap exemplifies unwavering dedication, overcoming physical limitations and financial hardships to achieve an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 287 in the UPSC exam, all without the assistance of coaching.

The preliminary examinations for the UPSC are set to take place next week, and hopeful candidates are earnestly getting ready for them. Those who successfully clear one of India’s toughest tests are chosen for positions as administrative officials, such as IAS, IPS, and IFS. Aspiring candidates often find inspiration from the achievements of the previous year’s top performers and devise a strategy to ace the exam.

The inspirational story of UPSC topper IAS Ramesh Gholap is gaining significant attention online. Despite facing physical limitations and financial hardships, he embodies unwavering dedication. Remarkably, he achieved an All India Rank (AIR) of 287 without attending any coaching classes.

Who is IAS officer Ramesh Gholap?

IAS Gholap, currently serving as the Joint Secretary in the Energy Department of Jharkhand, hails from a lower-middle-class family background. Ramesh Gholap’s father, Gorakh Gholap, operated a bicycle repair shop. Unfortunately, due to his drinking habits, Gorakh’s health deteriorated, and he passed away while Ramesh was still studying in school.

After receiving the devastating news of his father’s passing, it was of utmost importance for Ramesh to return home. However, due to his physical limitations, the cost of traveling from his uncle’s house to his father’s funeral was a mere Rs. 2, as reported by News18. Unfortunately, his financial circumstances were so dire that he didn’t even have those 2 rupees to afford the travel expenses.

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In order to support the family and overcome financial challenges, Vimla Gholap, Ramesh’s mother, started selling bangles in nearby villages. Ramesh and his brother actively supported her in this endeavor. Despite facing physical difficulties due to his left limb affected by polio, Ramesh’s determination remained unshaken. He decided to pursue his education and moved to Barshi, Maharashtra, to live with his uncle.

Despite his family’s financial constraints, Ramesh displayed exceptional academic prowess. He obtained a diploma in education and pursued his degree in the arts from an open university. In 2009, he embarked on a career in the teaching profession. During his college days, Ramesh had the opportunity to meet a tehsildar who became a source of inspiration for him, igniting his drive to achieve remarkable feats.

After managing to raise some funds for his studies, Ramesh made a bold decision. He resigned from his job and moved to Pune for a period of six months to dedicate himself to UPSC preparation. His mother’s support played a crucial role in enabling him to pursue his dream.

Cracked UPSC exam without coaching

Taking a six-month leave from his job, Ramesh devoted himself entirely to UPSC preparation. However, his first attempt at the UPSC in 2010 did not yield success. Undeterred, he took it upon himself to study independently for the UPSC. After putting in tremendous effort, unwavering devotion, and sheer hard work, Ramesh achieved a remarkable milestone. In 2012, he successfully cleared the Civil Services Examination and secured an impressive rank of 287. Notably, Ramesh Gholap became an IAS officer under the handicapped quota, showcasing his resilience and determination.