Here’s all you should know about Jordy Patel, Salman Khan’s trusted friend, and manager for business.

Jordy Patel is a popular manager of famous people in Bollywood. He also works as a producer and organizes events. Read on to learn more about Salman Khan’s manager.

Who is Jordy Patel?

Jordy Patel was born as Sodhan Patel and he has been working in the Hindi film industry for more than 20 years. He has been managing Salman Khan’s work for more than 10 years.

Jordy Patel as producer

Jordy Patel has worked as an executive producer for two movies, the 2004 supernatural thriller Rakht and the 2008 social comedy EMI – Liya Hai Toh Chukana Padega!.

Jordy Patel as event organiser

Jordy Patel has a company called JA Events which helps to organize tours. The tours include Da-Bangg where Salman Khan and other Bollywood stars perform.

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Jordy Patel’s association with Sohail Khan

Jordy Patel is one of the co-owners of Mumbai Heroes, a team that represents Bollywood in the Celebrity Cricket League. He owns the team along with Sohail Khan.

Jordy Patel is a gym enthusiast

Jordy Patel is also fond of going to the gym and posts pictures and videos of his workouts on his Instagram account. He has 1 million followers on his account, similar to Salman Khan.