Many Bollywood stars find success on the silver screen, but not all stories end happily. Today, let’s delve into the life of Mahesh Anand, a renowned Bollywood villain celebrated for his compelling negative roles in the 80s and 90s. Despite the fame he garnered, Mahesh faced a challenging existence in his later years, grappling with poverty for nearly two decades.

Mahesh Anand’s struggles extended beyond financial woes; he battled profound loneliness. In a poignant Facebook post on March 13, 2017, he bared his soul, expressing, “People label me as an alcoholic. I am devoid of family support. My stepbrother deceived me of Rs 6 crores. Despite featuring in over 300 films, I lack the means to afford even drinking water. It’s disheartening; I don’t have a single friend in this world.”

His cinematic journey spanned Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films. The commencement of his acting odyssey traced back to ‘Karishma’ in 1984, while his final on-screen appearance manifested in the 2019 comedy-drama ‘Rangeela Raja.’

Tweet for Mahesh Anand
Image Source: Amar Ujala

Tragedy struck in February 2019 when Mahesh’s maid, met with eerie silence after repeatedly ringing the doorbell. Upon entering, she discovered Mahesh Anand lifeless on a sofa, a bottle of alcohol at his side, and a lonely plate of food on a nearby table.

The narrative of Mahesh Anand serves as a stark reminder that cinematic triumphs do not guarantee content and secure life. It prompts reflection on the challenges some celebrities confront, offering insight into the shadows that accompany fame. 

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The tale of Mahesh Anand invites us to consider the multifaceted nature of success and the untold struggles that may lurk beneath the glamorous surface of the film industry.