This enchanting assortment of pictures takes us on a journey through the heartwarming love tale of Mayank and his cherished wife, Aashita Sood.

Aashita, the wife of Mayank Agarwal, is a skilled lawyer from Bengaluru who has established herself as a lifestyle influencer. During the IPL 2023 auction, Mayank Agarwal was bought by Sunrisers Hyderabad for a staggering Rs 8.25 crore. This captivating photo collection explores the heartwarming love story of Mayank and Aashita Sood. Notably, Aashita is the daughter of Karnataka DGP Praveen Sood.

Who is Aashita Sood?


Aashita Sood is a Bengaluru-based lawyer and lifestyle influencer. She hails from a family of accomplished individuals and holds a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law. Aashita’s father, Praveen Sood, is a renowned law enforcement officer and presently holds the position of Director General of Police in Karnataka.


Aashita earned her Bachelor of Arts in Law and Bachelor of Laws degrees from the esteemed School of Law at Christ University in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, between 2010 and 2015. Later, from 2016 to 2017, she pursued a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Law from Queen Mary University of London, located in London, England.

Avid Traveler

Aashita Sood

Aashita is a passionate traveler who possesses impressive skills in speaking four languages fluently – English, French, Hindi, and Kannada. Her love for discovering new destinations and experiencing diverse cultures is matched by her linguistic abilities.

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Love Life


Mayank and Aashita were first introduced to each other at a Diwali party, which was thoughtfully arranged by their parents. Though it may sound clichéd, they fell in love at first sight. However, it took a great deal of courage for the cricket star from Karnataka to approach her.


Aashita, the wife of Mayank Agarwal, was taken aback when the skilled cricketer made a special trip to London to propose to her. The couple got engaged in January 2018 and exchanged vows on June 4th of the same year, commencing the most significant innings of their lives together.

Blessed with a baby boy

Aashita and Mayank Agarwal were delighted to welcome their newborn son, Aayansh, on December 8th, 2022. The arrival of their little bundle of joy was a momentous occasion for the couple, who eagerly awaited this special moment.

Social Media

Like Mayank, his wife also has a significant and loyal fan following on social media. With over 90,000 followers on Instagram, she has garnered an impressive audience.