The UPSC is considered one of the most challenging exams in India, with many candidates preparing for years without success. Despite the odds, Ummul Kher persevered through difficult circumstances and ultimately cracked the exam.

Ummul Kher, originally from Rajasthan, resided in Trilokpuri slum area in Delhi. Despite facing numerous challenges, she remained determined and tutored students while pursuing her own education. Additionally, she battled a bone disease, yet managed to secure a remarkable rank of 420 in the UPSC exam.

She hails from Pali, Rajasthan, but her family moved to Delhi when she was young. They settled in Nizamuddin, where her father sold clothes in the slum area.

She was diagnosed with a Fragile Bone Disorder, which required her to undergo multiple surgeries.

After completing her education up to class 10 with the assistance of an NGO, Ummul Kher’s family didn’t want her to continue studying. But she was determined to continue her studies, so she left home and started living in a slum. She supported herself by giving tuition classes to fund her education.

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Ummul Kher scored 91 percent in her Class 12 exams and later graduated from Gargi College.

She pursued a master’s degree in International Relations from JNU and went on to clear the JRF exam, which earned her a scholarship of Rs. 25,000 per month.

She had an accident in 2012 and had to stay on bed rest for a year.

Ummul Kher eventually reconciled with her family, and she stated that she didn’t hold her parents responsible for their actions as they were influenced by their upbringing.

She is currently employed at the Ministry of Finance.