Minu Margeret completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Christ University in Bengaluru. Following that, she pursued the Chartered Accountancy qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the United Kingdom.

In 2011, Minu Margeret began her professional journey at Goldman Sachs. The following year, she transitioned to Wipro, assuming the role of a pricing analyst. Nevertheless, driven by her entrepreneurial aspirations, she embarked on a side hustle early on in her career. Over the course of a few years, her diligent efforts began to yield fruitful results.

Minu Margeret did her B.Com from Bengaluru’s Christ University. She then did CA from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK. She later completed Majors in Marketing and Finance from the Indian School of Business (ISB).

Inspired by the American company Rent The Runway, Minu Margeret embarked on her own entrepreneurial venture by founding a clothing rental startup called Rent Your Wardrobe. However, due to certain circumstances, she had to close it down during its initial stages. Undeterred, she then ventured into the business of automated laundromats. Unfortunately, after a period of time, she had to shut down this business as well.

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After obtaining her MBA, she embarked on a series of corporate ventures. However, in 2019, she made the decision to leave her job and fully dedicate herself to entrepreneurship. Her vision was to introduce an activewear brand catering specifically to women. Having been an avid participant in Ultimate Frisbee during her college years, she possessed firsthand knowledge of what women with an active lifestyle desired. Unfortunately, according to Forbes, she encountered difficulty in finding a suitable co-founder. Undeterred, she established her own company in 2020 under the name Blissclub and remarkably secured a funding of $2.25 million the following year.

However, after two years of starting her venture, her company began to experience notable success. Numerous seasoned entrepreneurs came forward to support her startup. In the fiscal year 2022, her firm’s revenue surged from a mere Rs 36 lakh to an impressive Rs 15 crore.

Within just 18 months of launching her company, she accomplished an extraordinary feat last year, achieving an annual recurring revenue of Rs 100 crore. In a conversation with Entrepreneur India, she revealed that her company now boasts nearly 30 hero products.

As of now, they have raised approximately Rs 120 crore in total funding. Additionally, they have successfully launched two brick-and-mortar stores alongside their online presence. However, the majority of their revenue still originates from their website.