The NEET, a demanding college entrance exam in India essential for aspiring MBBS students, showcases the inspiring journey of Prerna Singh, a NEET aspirant.

Prerna Singh achieved an impressive score of 686 out of 720 in the NEET UG exam, securing admission into a prestigious government medical college. This achievement brings great pride to her family and promises a brighter future.

Despite excelling in the medical entrance exam, Prerna Singh had her share of challenges. A resident of Kota, Rajasthan, she is a 20-year-old whose father, the sole breadwinner, worked as an auto-rickshaw driver.

During her studies, Prerna’s father passed away suddenly, leaving her responsible for supporting the family. Furthermore, Prerna and her mother faced the burden of a Rs 27 lakh loan with no source of income.

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Due to financial constraints, Prerna often studied on an empty stomach, surviving on a single meal consisting of roti and chutney. To prepare for NEET, Prerna dedicated 12 hours daily to studying after receiving financial assistance from relatives for coaching.

To fund her children’s education and address an existing home loan, Prerna’s mother took additional loans. However, despite the challenges, all of Prerna’s siblings have excelled academically, and she is poised to become a doctor, with plans to enroll in a government medical college.

The success in clearing the NEET exam has brought immense joy to Prerna and her family, opening doors to a premier medical institute in India, most likely an AIIMS branch.