Yuvraj Mahanaaryaman Scindia hails from Gwalior and is the offspring of Jyotiraditya Scindia, a BJP MP and prominent figure in Gwalior as well as a Union Minister for Civil Aviation. Known affectionately as Aaryaman within his inner circle, he divides his time between Gwalior and Delhi while managing two thriving startups. This 27-year-old individual holds a degree from Yale University.

In 2019, Mahanaaryaman Scindia completed his education in the United States. Subsequently, he departed from his position at the Boston Consulting Group. Along with being a connoisseur of music and food, he ventured into organizing a music festival named Cymbal. Additionally, he established Pravaas, a cultural affair encompassing elements of food, music, heritage, and culture. This event offers an experience priced between Rs 75,000 and Rs 2 lakhs per person.

The Prevaas event took place at Jai Vilas Palace in 2021, where Maharani Priyadarshini Raje Scindia, Mahanaaryaman’s mother, provided the crockery for the occasion.

Another venture initiated by him is MyMandi, an online platform that serves as an aggregator for sourcing fresh vegetables and fruits from push-cart vendors.

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His startup operates based on a scalable model, engaging in bulk purchases. They procure large quantities of vegetables, pack them, and distribute them to push-cart owners. Currently, their operations are active in Jaipur, Nagpur, Gwalior, and Agra.

The monthly revenue of his company has reached Rs 1 crore and they have set a target of achieving Rs 5 crore per month by the end of this year.

According to Fortune magazine, in July of the preceding year, his company secured funding of Rs 4.2 crore.

Mahanaaryaman Scindia resides in a palace with an estimated value of Rs 4,000 crore, encompassing 400 rooms. Notably, the darbaar room within the palace boasts the world’s largest carpet.

Additionally, Mahanaaryaman Scindia holds membership in the state’s cricket board.

This magnificent palace, situated at the heart of Gwalior, serves as the residence for the Scindia family. Its vast expanse spans 124,771 square feet, encompassing three storeys.

Jyotiraditya Scindia’s net worth, according to his election affidavit, amounts to Rs 379 crore.

Jai Vilas Mahal, initially erected by Jayajirao Scindia in 1874 during his reign over Gwalior, has been transformed into the Jiwajirao Scindia Museum.

The architectural design of the palace was entrusted to Sir Michael Filose. The construction cost of the palace amounted to Rs 1.1 crore. The sprawling garden covers an area of one square mile.