Radha Vembu, the co-founder of renowned software company Zoho, has secured the title of Chennai’s richest woman, amassing an impressive net worth of approximately INR 19,000 crore (USD 2.2 billion). Notably, Radha Vembu is also recognized as the second richest self-made woman in the global software and services industry, according to the esteemed M3M Hurun Global Rich List for the year 2023.

As the sister of Zoho’s CEO, Sridhar Vembu, Radha Vembu possesses a significant 47.8 percent stake in the company, while her brother holds a modest 5 percent ownership. Additionally, another sibling, Sekar Vembu, is also a stakeholder in Zoho; however, he chooses to maintain a low profile.

The primary source of Radha Vembu’s substantial wealth stems from her stake in Zoho Corp, a pioneering cloud-based business software provider. Founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu under the name AdventNet, the company has experienced remarkable growth, boasting a profit of over INR 2,700 crore in 2022.

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Radha Vembu is an alumna of IIT Madras, where she pursued her graduation in industrial management. Presently, she serves as a product manager for Zoho’s esteemed email service, Zoho Mail. The company competes head-to-head with industry giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce.

Born in Chennai in 1972, Radha Vembu’s father, Sambamurthy Vembu, worked as a stenographer at Madras High Court. She continues to reside in her hometown of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where she completed her primary education at the esteemed National Higher Secondary School.

Beyond her significant involvement with Zoho, Radha Vembu is also known for her directorial roles in Janaki Hi-Tech Agro Pvt Ltd, an agricultural NGO, and Highland Valley Corporation Pvt Ltd, a reputable real estate company.

With a remarkable journey of success and contributions to the technology and business landscape, Radha Vembu’s inspiring story continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.