Rekha, the forever beautiful actress of Bollywood, is known for her unique style and is loved for her elegance. While she often makes news for her acting and personal life, not many people know about her family, especially her sister Radha.

Rekha comes from a big family with six sisters and one brother. Her father was actor Gemini Ganesan, who got married three times. Gemini Ganesan had four daughters from his first wife, two from his second, and a daughter and a son from his third wife, Savitri. Among all of Rekha’s siblings, her only real sister is named Radha.

Rekha with her Sister
Image Source: Aaj Tak

Like Rekha, Radha is also very beautiful and was a well-known model. She worked in various Tamil films and did photoshoots for popular magazines. Despite her appearances in films, Radha was more interested in modeling.

Interestingly, Raj Kapoor had first offered the film Bobby to Radha. He wanted her to star opposite Rishi Kapoor, but Radha said no. Eventually, the role went to Dimple Kapadia, and ‘Bobby’ became a massive success, turning Dimple Kapadia into a star overnight.

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Radha chose to leave the glamour industry in 1981 after marrying her childhood friend, Usman Saeed. Following their marriage, Radha and Usman moved to the US. Usman Saeed is the son of the renowned South Indian director S. M. Abbas. Radha and Usman have two sons, both of whom are now married.