Rajeev Bhaskar, a former salesman, is now an agripreneur specializing in residue-free Thai guavas. His venture has earned him more than Rs 1 crore.

Rajeev Bhaskar, a former sales and marketing team member at VNR Seeds, found his passion in agriculture. His experience allowed him to learn about Thai guava and its farming from farmers he met.

Rajeev Bhaskar left his job in 2017 to start growing Thai guavas on five acres of leased land in Panchkula, Haryana. He employed residue-free farming techniques, using biocides and organic biofertilizers to promote and safeguard crop growth. Additionally, he implemented a three-layer bagging method to protect the fruits from pests and damage while ensuring uniform color and safe fruit development until harvest.

After earning Rs 20 lakh from his first harvest of Thai guavas in 2017, Rajeev attempted to diversify into residue-free vegetable production but struggled to market it. He then decided to focus solely on guava farming and leased 55 acres of land in Rupnagar, Punjab, with three other investors in 2019.

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Rajeev and his team grew Thai guavas on 25 acres of land and also continued farming on the original 5-acre plot until it was sold in 2021. They harvest the fruit twice a year and only during the rainy season to minimize competition. Their produce is sold in 10-kg crates to the Delhi APMC market, earning an average profit of Rs 6 lakh per acre.

Rajeev aims to raise the maximum yield of his guava plants from 25 kg to 40 kg per plant. He stresses the significance of organic farming in regions where chemical farming is not widespread. But, it would be challenging to maintain organic farming in areas where chemical farming is prevalent. Furthermore, large-scale organic or natural farming is expensive and labor-intensive, resulting in a lower final yield.

Rajeev’s stint at VNR Seeds fueled his passion for farming, and his triumph in residue-free farming of Thai guavas is a model for entrepreneurs who prioritize sustainable agriculture.