Sanjeev Juneja hails from Ambala, where his father practiced as an Ayurveda doctor. Running a modest clinic, he dedicated himself to serving the local community.

Sanjeev Juneja, a successful entrepreneur in the field of Ayurveda, has established multiple renowned brands throughout his career. At the age of 46, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by launching his company with a modest loan of Rs 2000 from his mother. Through his dedication and hard work, the company has flourished and grown into one of the largest Ayurveda firms globally, boasting a turnover in the hundreds of crores. Along the way, Sanjeev Juneja has successfully created several highly popular and successful brands.

In Ambala, his father practiced Ayurveda medicine. He operated a tiny clinic. His father taught him the specifics of Ayurveda. He made the decision to carry on his father’s legacy in 1999, following the death of his father.

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In 2003, he began his business using Royal capsules. He put the cash back into his company. He created a hair-care product in 2008 to assist himself. He put it on the market after it worked. It became a well-known brand. Kesh King was the brand name of the item. He also sold his products door to door. 

He advertised the goods through regional media, such as newspapers. The company appointed Juhi Chawla as its brand ambassador. The company reported a sale of Rs. 300 crore.

Emami paid a staggering Rs 1651 crore to acquire the company in 2015.

Then he created Pet Safa, another product. Its brand ambassador was Raju Srivastava. Javed Akhtar is the brand ambassador for Doctor Ortho, which he also appointed. He created Roop Mantra as well. These brands are also huge successes.

Sanjeev Juneja, a Chandigarh native, first operated out of a single room. His standout product was Kesh King hair oil. He gives motivating speeches as well.