In 2019, a couple from Chandigarh established “Raamae,” a home and lifestyle venture specializing in the sale of hand-block printed products. Their collection includes a wide range of items such as cushion covers, tote bags, quilts, and pouches, all crafted by skilled artisans.

In the winter of 2017, Mohit Ahluwalia and Jagjyot Kaur embarked on a trip to Bali seeking a relaxing escape. Little did they know that this journey would ignite a spark within them. Inspired by the tranquil beauty of the island, the couple returned home with a newfound sense of purpose and determination. Mohit, formerly employed as a sales professional, and Jagjyot, who worked as a human resources manager, made the bold decision to leave their high-earning jobs and venture into entrepreneurship.

In 2019, a couple from Chandigarh embarked on a new endeavor by establishing “Raamae,” a home and lifestyle business. Their focus is on offering hand-block printed goods created by skilled artisans. The product range includes cushion covers, tote bags, quilts, and pouches. The name “Raamae” draws inspiration from the Balinese language, specifically the word that signifies the Balinese way of life—a pursuit of happiness and contentment amidst a bustling and often chaotic world.

Jagjyot, while speaking to, shared the transformative impact of her visit to Bali a few years back. During her time there, she was struck by the remarkable craftsmanship and appeal of the handmade products created by the Balinese. This experience sparked a question in her mind: Why didn’t Indian handmade products enjoy the same level of recognition and popularity as their international counterparts?

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During their exploration of markets in Bali, Mohit expressed to The Better India that they came to realize the immense value of Indian-made fabrics featuring block printing. These products garnered not only higher monetary worth but also earned the respect of customers. Surprisingly, in India, the same products were not given the level of importance they deserved, despite there being a notable demand for them in Bali.

After returning home, the couple made a conscious choice to empower artisans and advocate for block printing. They took a bold step by co-founding Raamae in 2019, bidding farewell to their corporate careers of over ten years. Presently, Raamae offers a diverse range of 60 product categories, including quilts, pouches, purses, and pillow covers, available for purchase both in India and overseas.

In 2018, they traveled to Jaipur and actively engaged in a two-day block printing workshop alongside local artists. Three months later, they showcased their collection of quilts and pillowcases in Delhi. Initially, their discussions with the painters centered around colors and patterns. However, they noticed a preference for subdued classic prints and limited color palettes, with many customers expressing a fondness for blending traditional home designs with a touch of contemporary style. Over time, they adjusted the appearance of their products to cater to the tastes of their modern clientele.

Starting with an initial investment of Rs. 4 lakh, the company has experienced impressive growth, currently generating Rs. 18 lakh per month, totaling Rs. 2.16 crore annually. Their customer base spans across various regions, with Rajasthan, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Goa, Kerala, Imphal, Assam, and Mizoram being the primary sources of their orders. Additionally, they have successfully catered to customers from the UAE and America, expanding their reach beyond national borders.