Srikant Jichkar is surely a person of many talents! This unique personality holds a total of 20 degrees from 42 Universities. And that makes him officially the most qualified man in India.

At the young age of 25, Shrikant Jichkar had already held 14 portfolios and had made it to the Limca Book of Records. Today, he still holds the title of India’s most educated person, as recognized by the Limca Book of Records, with a staggering 20 degrees from 42 different universities.

Jichkar not only excelled in most of his exams but also earned multiple gold medals.

Here is the list of degrees earned by Srikant Jichkar:

1. Medical Doctor, MBBS and MD

2. Law, LL.B.

3. International Law, LL.M.

4. Masters in Business Administration, DBM and MBA

5. Bachelor in Journalism

6. M.A. Public Administration

7. M.A. Sociology

8. M.A. Economics

9. M.A. Sanskrit

10. M.A. History

11. M.A. English Literature

12. M.A. Philosophy

13. M.A. Political Science

14. M.A. Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology

15. M.A Psychology

16. D. Litt. Sanskrit – the highest of degrees in a University

17. IPS 

18. IAS

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From 1973 to 1990, Srikant Jichkar appeared for 42 examinations across various universities. Soon after clearing the IPS exam, he resigned to appear for the IAS exam which he cleared as well. However, after holding the position for merely four months, he left to contest in the first national elections.

Shrikant Jichkar’s political career began in 1980 when he was elected as the youngest member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. He later held various positions, including Minister of State, Rajya Sabha member, and member of the Maharashtra Legislative Council.

Dr. Jichkar turned to travel after he lost the Rajya Sabha elections in 1999. Apart from his political career, he was also a creative person who enjoyed painting, photography, and acting in plays. He traveled extensively across the country to deliver speeches on various topics such as religion, health, and education. Additionally, he also represented India at UNESCO during the same time.

Tragedy struck on June 2, 2004, when a bus collided with the car carrying Dr. Jichkar and his friend. Sadly, Dr. Jichkar lost his life at the young age of 49 that night.

The late Dr. Srikant Jichkar had a successful career as a doctor, lawyer, IPS and IAS officer, and politician, and lived a fulfilling life.

In another testament to his love for knowledge, Jichkar collected an impressive collection of 52,000 books in his library.