Alia Chhiba is frequently seen accompanying Suhana Khan on various outings.

A photo of Suhana Khan wearing a red saree and bindi went viral on Monday. The photo showcased the stunning appearance of the Archies actress. However, it was Alia Chhiba, her first cousin, who caught everyone’s attention.

Suhana Khan wearing a red saree and bindi

Today, we will provide you with information about Alia Chhiba, who has been frequently spotted with Suhana on different outings, and explain her relationship with Shah Rukh Khan.

Let us acquaint you with the following details:

Alia Chhiba’s Relation to Suhana Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

Alia Chhiba is Shah Rukh Khan’s niece as she is the daughter of Gauri Khan’s brother, Vikrant. Consequently, she is Suhana Khan’s first cousin.

Alia Chhiba’s Rise to Fame

In 2019, Alia Chhiba gained prominence. Photos from Alia Chhiba’s wedding, featuring Gauri Khan and Suhana Khan, went viral.

Alia also shared some pictures from her wedding, along with her stunning cousin sister, Suhana Khan.

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Professionally, a Designer

Alia Chhiba is a designer by profession. According to reports, she launched two brands during the pandemic.

Alia is also a close Friend of Suhana

Alia Chhiba shares a close bond with her cousin, Suhana Khan, and frequently posts photos with her. On Sunday, she posted a photo posing with Suhana Khan, who was wearing a red saree and bindi.

Alia with SRK

Alia with SRK

In November 2020, when SRK turned 55, he celebrated his birthday with his family and friends in Dubai. During that time, SRK was in Dubai for the IPL. As a special gift from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, LED screens displayed career-defining moments of the superstar. On his special day, SRK shared some photos on his social media account with family members, including Alia Chhiba. The photo, featuring Alia posing with SRK and little AbRam, went instantly viral.